Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Why re-invent the wheel??? Below is my sister's post on her blog about our Thanksgiving...I would say the same thing...but she already has.....:)
It looks like the Pics will not copy and paste...bummer, becuase they were pretty good! You can check out the pics at
I guess once you do something for six years it becomes a tradition -- no matter how far from different it is to when you grew up! Instead of spending Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning and hanging out at grandparents homes, we head to Abilene and stay in a hotel!! It is not too much of a stretch to say the Blakley women are not all into that cooking stuff and my dad doesn't like that cleaning up stuff -- so about 7 years ago, my sister and her family, my family, and our parents decided to start meeting somewhat halfway.

Abilene is a sweet, old, laid-back town with a great all-suites hotel that serves a good breakfast and a great Thanksgiving buffet. The kids love playing in the swimming pool, playing in the game area -- video games, ping pong, pool tables, shuffle board -- and throwing the football around outside in a big grassy area. They love going to Happy Hour every night to get a coke and maybe a snack. And the kids also depend on Aunt DD to bring the crafts to take up the extra time!

The day after Thanksgiving has been one of "discovering Abilene". We have been to the zoo, Children's Museum, parks, movies, and bowling alleys. It has been a nice, relaxing way to spend a holiday together without all the work that goes with it!! And, for my husband, who loves all the cooking, he only has to wait a few short weeks for Christmas to have a true home-cooked feast!

Craft time!

Waiting to eat!

Connor ate seven plates of food!

Working off all that food!

A tradition that will never change -- naptime!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

This video made me and Justin laugh....remember this is NOT our family. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My 2 Cents

Seems like so many people (not that that is a lot) that I have been around the past few weeks are so worried and burdened by the outcome of the election--what is going to happen to our country.... I'll admit that who I voted for was not elected and I was sad, but the ultimate truth is we are not in control. God is. He knew Obama would be President before Obama was born. God has a plan, a perfect plan. Maybe Christians in America need to be sanctified. We need to remember who we are, what we believe, and what we are here for. It is obviously way to easy to be a "Christian" here. Maybe, through this, God is calling us to step up, walk our talk, be real. (that's just my 2 cents)

I encourage you to watch the following video from The Girl Talk Blog. In this video, John Piper gives us a Biblical Perspective of how we should be feeling. We (Believers) are not part of this world. As he says, this world will fade away. We have one foot in heaven and one foot on this earth. Our job, while we are here, is to spread the gospel for His glory. Take a minute and check this out:
(you may have to copy and paste)

Lyrics and Such

I've posted about them before, and I'm doing it again. Tonight was the Country Music Awards. I grew up watching these. The only music allowed in my house was country. Back then there was no "Christian" music on the radio--except Stryper...and for sure that head banging stuff wouldn't have been allowed. Country Music is and will always be part of me. My kids enjoyed it being on as well. Judson would come in dance with a goofy look on his face, the girls LOVED the dresses and even Jed had a few comments in there. He said (while Kenney Chesney was singing)<, "Mom, that guy has "son" in all his songs--When the Sun Goes Down and this one too." Yup, he's one of my smart ones.
Speaking of Kenny, the song he sang goes like this, "everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody want to go now." As the song ended Jadyn and Jed argued about what he was saying. Jadyn says, "Mom, tell Jed that the song says everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody want to go to the pound". Jed then says, "No Jadyn, it's nobody wants to go to hell". I just start giggling...How sweet that she thinks nobody wants to go to the pound!
This brought back memories of when I would get lyrics wrong (I know Justin--I still do) but when I was Jadyn's age I was sure that it was Kevin who came down and glory filled my soul, instead of Heaven that came down to fill my soul with mother like daughter!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where Have I Been...

Several of you (ok, 3 of you) have wondered if I'm done with the blog thing... I am not, I love blogging and I have a ton of ideas to blog about, but time seems to not be on my side lately. One thing that truly bugs me is when people talk about how "busy" they are. Oh, please, no one is ever too busy to do the things they REALLY want to do. However, I find myself eating my words. I REALLY want to blog, but, well, I've been just too busy. My friend asked me what has got me so busy...hmmm, well I'm not really sure, I haven't started any new projects. So, here's a run down of what us Edgar's have been up to.
I spent 10 days in Albuquerque helping my mom while she recovered from chemo and her stem cell transplant. My in-laws kept the kids. I was able to spend a great deal of time with my sister and parents. Even thoguh we were not able to shop and run around like we usually do, it was great to be just our little family of 4 for awhile.
Once we got back, I think it took me about 2 weeks to get back in the groove with school work. I LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling, but I really do need structure as well! So, since we have been back we: do school each day, ballet, soccer practice and games, football practice and games, pe with our homeschool group, church and church activities, our homeschool moms group, gymnastics, an on-going wiffle ball game with the 6 boys in our cul-de-sac, and all this Halloween prep--decorating, pumkin patches, costumes, pumkin carvings, and somewhere in there I think I may have mopped once and done a few loads of laundry...which is still piled in a basket in my room. I told Justin this morning that the God created Daylight Savings Time (we gain an hour tonight) so that I could have an hour to fold and put away this heap of laundry in order to do more laundry cause the kids are runnin' out of undies!
The funnest thing I've been doing is that I had a friend of mine come over one day and go through my fridge and pantry. She spent 3 hours here--wrote down 9 pages of notes and 13 recipes. My friend has studied nutrition for 10 years, and has a great grasp of balanced eating. I was nervous at first, but it has been so much fun. I had NO idea how bad all the preservatives and such are that go into our every day grated cheese. I bought it all the time to save time.....not any more! I have learned all sorts of new words like nitrates and nitrites=bad! And I have found that cooking is fun --as long as I stay on top of the dishes! I've been cooking 3 meals a day, so I do feel like that has taken up a ton of time. No more cereal/potarts, frozen nuggets, taco, maybe that is where all my time has been going. The kids have been great about it, and I truly feel like I am doing my part to keep them more healthy!
So, there you have it, that's where I've been! How about you? Where have you been?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Are You, And What Have You Done With My Son?

Last week Justin was questioning what all I was teaching Jed. Then the conversation came up about his reading. Last year, reading was hard for him. It didn't come easily, and his 20 minutes a night of reading was like pulling teeth with no toothfairy money to look forward to. Jed's curriculum has a LOT of reading in it, so even though in the back of my mind I was thinking he needs to be reading books, I figured he was reading a ton--to me and silently--that he was doing "enough". Well, after J and I conversed over Jed's "schooling" I started googling books 2nd graders like. Over and over again The Magic Treehouse series came up. I remember my neighbor mentioning she had #1 her daughter had gotten as a present and wasn't able to read it yet, so I called her, she brought it over, and within 24 hours he had read the whole book. I also found a website that has activities and tests over each book with a "passport" he can earn if he passes the comprehension test (kinda like Accelerated Reader Points). He took the first test, passed and printed out his "reward". Since then (one week) we have been to the library, gotten him his very own library card and he has read #1-5 and passed all the tests! In one week! This little guy is on fire! Today, we returned the books he's read and checked out the next 6 books in the series. I am hoping this will last us a couple of weeks, but at the rate he's going, we'll be back at the library by Monday!
Who is this child, and what has he done with my son??? :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wondering Where I've Been???

I did it, I really did it...after months of using my husbands, I finally have my own...I joined FaceBook. I have been avoiding it because I know how much blogging I do and others that I read takes up so much of my day, I knew if I added facebook (or if you are cool you refer to it as fb) I would be sucked in...and I am. I have already caught up with so many old friends. Do you know how good it feels to look at your "friends" and see that number grow bigger...silly but it is quite the confidence builder! I am seriously going to have to put a time limit on my "fb"ing like my kids time limit for tv...but I don't think that will be long enough...
So, if you don't hear from me in awhile check out my fb page, and if you are not my friend yet, I'd love for you to be :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

10,000 Steps and Other Randomness

I am a random person...
Here's some of my randomness tongiht:
*My favorite Body Blast teacher and friend has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, last Thursday Justin asked if I wasn't going to go back to the gym until she got back...ouch! So I drug my tired body up Friday morning, picked up another friend and headed to class at 5:30 AM...of course, we had to stop at Starbucks should not get up at 5am without some kind of reward! Well, I went to my normal class today thinking that I would at least get 2 workouts in before my friend got back....wrong...she was back...very tan...and very excited to work us out!

*Justin and Jed are very actively watching Monday Night Football...Cowboys and Eagles...need I say more? I bet if you listen you can hear them yelling, I mean cheering, all the way to your house.

*Jadyn starts ballet on Thursday...that makes 75% of our kids in an extracurricular activity...they all happen to practice on times ya'll!

*Ike hit my sisters neighborhood badly. My sister and fam were lucky, only a few trees down and thankfully none hit the house. When you have 67 trees in your backyard, a few are likely to fall! They will not have electricity for at least 3 about roughin' it!

*My mom is in the hospital...she's had 5 of her 6 intense chemo treatments...she is a rock, she is feeling good, and her voice is strong and normal! Wednesday she will have the stem cells put back in ..what I've read online about it is that it is comparable to a bone marrow transplant. This is when she will probably not feel well, I am going to stay with her the first of October--while my wonderful in-laws take the kiddos for a in-laws!

*Our Neighborhood Homeschool Group is having our 1st annual Back To School Bash/Olympics Friday night...yes, I am making my family matching t-shirts :)

*For some reason I get emails from Payless Shoes...tonights email was: "Ankle Boots A Must Have For Fall" UUHHGGG! I guess I won't be hip this fall!

*The weather today was incredible...we took a nature walk after school work was all done...we all had a ball!

*Oh yeah, 10,000 if you've read previous posts you know all about my catastrophic experience with my yummy spinach, I've decided to just get back to the less and move more...which led me to buy a pedometer to see how many steps I take in a normal day. Everything I've read says to strive for 10,000 steps a day. 6,000 steps for health and 10,000 for weight loss. So, I got a pedometer and started tracking last Friday. Let me tell you, 10,000 steps is a TON...I had about 4,000 and thought I did a lot of walking...So, now I hop on the treadmill and get my 10,000 in no matter what. And guess what, I feel more energized. We walked to the park today, and I wanted to run around and play, not sit and, how many steps do you take in a day?

I guess that's all my randomness for the day...guess I should go fold some laundry...yuck!
Catch ya'll later

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Life

My friend just posted this is my life! :) Check out The Potter's Hand (over on the right--under my list of blogs I read) and you will get a glimps of my day-to-day life! And I'm most certain it will reflect some of your days as well, or at least a memory of them!

Friday, September 05, 2008


I just found my 7 year old boy making all the Barbies naked....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


It is 9:47pm.
My kids are playing games.
Very loud.
Very happily.
They are getting along.
Lots of creativity is flowing~
"Singing Chairs" instead of Musical Chairs.
I think I just heard something about forming a band....
We don't have to be anywhere early in the morning.
Or dressed for that matter.
I love homeschooling.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sometimes kids are just too funny. Jed has become so funny lately. First, Justin and I thought it was nerdy homeschool boy...but he really is funny.

Tonight we took a movie back that we had rented for the girls, then on to Braum's for the kids to use their "free ice cream" coupons for memorizing their verses in Sunday School. The following are bits and pieces of the car ride:

1. Jed talking on the phone to Papa..."What? Papa I can't hear you..." "mom, something is wrong, I can't hear pa...oh, maybe it's because I have the phone upside down" (he was not even trying to be funny which makes it more funny to me)

2. On our way home from Braum's had top 40 songs on from 2006. Number 1 song comes on...Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. Judson starts dancing and me and Justin start singing (even though I really don't know the words) Jed goes, "Hey, I LIKE this song!"..."I wish I could snap"
at the end of the song JT says "are you ready" Jed enthusiastically replies, "YEAH, I'm ready!"

He said a lot more funny things today--on our way to church, but I can't remember them now, I guess I was still thinking about those 10 pounds and how I couldn't breathe in my pants!


Ok, so there is a reason I am not a nutritionist....After a week of my yummy spinach, peanut butter shakes....I weighed this morning....gained 10 pounds...yes, 10...couldn't find a thing to wear to church...

I have numerous theories about why, but probably the most important one is the fact that I failed to take in to consideration the amount of calories. I added them up this morning and one of my shakes was roughly 500 calories. Eaten 2 times a at least one meal...yup, folks..adds up quick. I was only looking at all the health benfits, not the calories. AND as Jillian and Bob say, "It all comes down to calories in and calories out."

I think Bob and Jillian should just move in with us!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Starbucks and Me

I have no idea if the title is giong to have anything to do with what I'm about to write...but oh well. I've been back in the workout groove for a few weeks now, and can honestly say that it's kinda frusterating when you work your tail off (believe me, my friend Lindsay works our tail off in BodyBlaster class 3 times a week--I mean think about it, the class is called Body Blaster for a reason). My body has not changed in any way shape or form. I have kept within my weight watcher points for 6 weeks straight and nothin' (except the 6 pounds that came off immediately when I had my IUD taken out--that's another post all together.)So, two weeks ago, during class, Lindsay was talking about a new drink at Starbucks, the Vivano has 21 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and it is chocolate and banana. Me, being the loyal friend I am head straight to Starbucks after class and get me one of these...YUMM-O! During class she was also talking about how she had been dragging lately, so she set up some appt. to talk with a girl who does nutrition classes at our gym. She said that she was amazed at how much she didn't know about nutrtion and folks, she has been studying nutrition for the last 10 years! She is so fit and I know eats so healthy. So, as my mind is pondering all if she needs to change her eating habits, then my eating habits need to be thrown out the window! So, I go through my Weight Watcher Journal and (ya'll this is embrrassing) I had not eaten a fruit or a vegetable in 3 weeks!!!! YIKES! That means my kiddos haven't eaten veggies in 3 weeks either--they love fruit and have it everyday. So, even though I was staying in my points, it was all processed Weight Watcher food--nothing natural, from the ground, grown fresh--the way we are supposed to eat. So, (I know this is a rambling entry)So, this week I've started an experiment. I'm eating a ton of fruits and veggies. I found a nutrition blog and the writer posted about shakes she makes. She said that spinach added to any shake will not alter the taste....hmmm--SPINACH??? So, I made up a shake, and I love it! It has a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetable in it, I also added a bunch of other healthy stuff. I am also drinking V8 Fusion--vegetable and fruit juice (which my kids like a lot). So, added to what little veggies I make, I'm getting a ton more than what my body has been used to. We'll see how this experiment goes. I eat 2 of these shakes a day--one for breakfast and one mid afternoon or for supper...I'm also doing BodyBlast 3 times a week and tonight am going to do a yoga class a couple of times a week off of FIT TV.
Here's my recipe if any of you dare want to try a spinach shake (I promise it's pretty good, and if you think about how healthy spinach is for you --it is labeled a "super food") it tastes all that much better! :)

Spinach, PB, Banana Shake

*1/2 cup or so of crushed ice
*1 cup of fat free milk (I have to use lactose free)
*1 banana
*1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
*1 tablespoon of Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
*1 tablespoon Hershey's Cocoa (naturally unsweetened, has antioxidents)
*2 tablespoons ground flax seed (has fiber, ALA, Omega-3's, good for heart health,beautiful hair, skin, and nails, and phytonutrients--which can have a balancing effect on your hormones--this will make hubs happy!)
*large handful of spinach leaves

Blend in a blender and enjoy! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Days...

Well, I was literally in the midst of writing a post titled: "Crypto...the Super Bug" because my kiddos have come down with this parasite that has taken over the DFW area pools the past 6 weeks...BUT THEN...

Jadyn was working on her art project (hand flowers) when she announces, "Mom, I'll be right back, I have to throw something away."

I thought nothing of it...except I was proud that she was cleaning up her messes before I had to ask her to....

THEN....I throw something away and find this:

hmmm, "Jadyn, come here please"
"No thanks"
"Jadyn, what did you do?"
"Well, WHY is it your hair?"

About 15 minutes later, "Jadyn, come here for a minute I want to hold you."
"no mom, see I don't look like a boy"
"That's fine, I just want to look at it and see where it came from."

In all reality, this is the first haircutting incident..not too bad! Maybe she can cut my hair!

Happy Friday ya'll!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Straw and A Kiss...

So, we are driving home from the Chic-Fil-A drive thru. Jed (who now sits in the front seat with me because the air bag turns off) takes a long drink of his soda and then very excitedly exclaims, "Hey! I get it. Straws are to help you practice your kissing!"
I asked, "How so?"
"Well, see how I have to put my lips."
"Ahh, interesting."
I think I will be monitoring how often he "practices"! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Dream I Once Had...

There were many things I wanted to be while growing up...a veternarian, Rodeo Queen, and in the 80's a gymnist. If you knew me or have seen pics of me growing up, this should cause your side to hurt from laughter. God did not bless me with a gymnists body! I remember Mom buying me a pair of Mary Lou Retton High-Top Sneakers at Ross after the Olympics. I was sure these would magically cause me to finally be able to do a cartwheel....nope, still have never done a cartwheel to this day. Then for a birthday present I received an exercise mat that included a baton with "streamer" (sorry I don't know the 'lingo') for a "Rhythmics" routing. My aspirations of being a "Mary Lou" shriveled up and died, however watching gymnastics this year has brought up those old feelings of wanting to fly through the air with impressive twists, turns, flips, and "sticking it" at the end. So, here I am living out this dream...enjoy! :)

)You will need to copy and paste into the address window)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lessons I'm Learning

I daily read "Girl Talk" a blog by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters, focused on Biblical Womanhood, being a Godly wife and mother--what that looks like and how to live it out day to day. This past week I have been gearing up for homeschooling. I am honestly, truly excited to be doing this. However, sometimes in the back of my mind a little voice creeps in telling me how much easier it would be to send them off to school, I'd have free time on my hands, I will go crazy with 4 kids 24/ know all the things people say to me when we tell them we are a homeschooling family. But then, reality comes back, I remember why we first chose this path--time and influence. Where are my children spending most of their time and who/what is influencing their lives. Will it be in a desk for 7-8 hours with a teacher who may or may not like her job, who may or probably not know Jesus, who typically won't give them the individual attention they need to do and learn the best they can. Will they spend their day in a room full of children who will influence them to talk a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way--absolutely. Will that time and influence be a solid foundation built on Jesus and the gospel? Not if I'm sending them to a public school. Therefore, if Justin and I desire our children's lives to be based on Christ, then who better to lay that foundation for them? Afterall, my children were specifically chosen for love, care, nurture, and teach. Which brings me to today's "Girltalk" blog entry. It hit home with me, because I know that "my heart is easily captivated by the hollow and deceptive philosophies of a godless culture. (Col.2:8)" Here's the entry...enjoy :)

August 13, 2008
A Daughter's Heart for the Home
As we talk about training future homemakers, I must clarify that this isn’t all we are training our daughters to do. There are many vital aspects of our daughters’ education and character development that are important for their future. But we’re focusing exclusively on homemaking this week for two reasons: 1. It should be a priority in every daughter’s training (because it is a biblical priority) and 2. Sadly, it is an oft-neglected priority in the church today. Oh, and I almost forgot a third reason we picked this topic to discuss—because so many of you humble moms asked us to!

These thoughts from Tedd and Margy Tripp put the importance of our homemaking training in perspective:

“Life is a classroom. It truly is. Teaching and learning are in process twenty-four hours a day. Here's the danger! In the absence of biblical formative instruction, secular formative instructors take over. Our hearts are easily captivated by the hollow and deceptive philosophies of a godless culture (Col.2:8). The majority culture interprets life through unregenerate eyes and promotes its conclusions through various means, from advertising to education. It is like the air you breathe; you breathe it in without noticing it! So do our children! The formative instruction of our secular culture is a frightening reality. How can parents compete with the world for the minds and hearts of their children?” (Instructing a Child's Heart)

What an urgent question! How can we as mothers compete for the minds and hearts of our daughters with a world that shows (as one author put it) “a disdain of domesticity and a contempt for housewives”?

The answer: We must pay close attention to what captures our daughter’s heart. For, as it says in Proverbs 4:23, “from [the heart] flow the springs of life.”

We must ask “What is my daughter most excited about? What captures her imagination? What are her desires and dreams for her future? Is she more eager to be with friends than to be with family? Would she rather pursue activities outside of the home rather than endeavors in the home? Who does she admire more—faithful homemakers or worldly women?”

As moms it is our job to carefully monitor our daughters’ hearts. If we sense their enthusiasm for family and home waning, we must skillfully reorient their affections back toward family and home.

There were certain seasons I observed this happening with each of my daughters during the teen years. So we talked about it. In fact we had many conversations about this topic. Long conversations.

I asked my daughters questions (like those listed above) about their hearts. Then we looked at what Scripture had to say about the importance of the home. (Books and resources were very helpful here.). Then there were more loving yet probing questions about what they learned from Scripture and how it applied to their own hearts.

Over time, with much talking, I saw each of my daughter’s heart for the home and desire to be with our family grow and flourish. But it took more than just talking. Tomorrow we’ll consider some practical steps to train our daughters to be homemakers.

Posted by Carolyn Mahaney on August 13, 2008 at 02:52 PM in Homemaking | Permalink

Monday, August 11, 2008

13 Years

Hey Babe! Hopefully you'll get this as soon as you get off the mountain. Happy 13th Anniversary! It's been an incredible 13 years, I wouldn't change a single thing, I love you with my whole heart.

Jadyn wants to watch our wedding video and see us kiss. Jed responded with "gross" and said, "the only good thing about weddings is the cake". I said," Well, I smeared cake all over your Daddy's face" in which Jed responded, "COOL!" I told him that you did not think it was very cool, especially 3 days later when you still had cake in your eye...sorry about that (again).

I love you!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation, Cancer, and VBS

So, it's has been a couple of months since my last post. Day to day, life seems to pass so slowly, but when I read my last entry I realize that SO much has happened in two months. The first week of Summer Break, Jed ended up going to The Woodlands to spend the week with my sister and her family. He had a BLAST, however, momma was stressed out the entire week. My face broke out so bad, I looked like a pizza-faced middle schooler...not a pretty picture, mind you!
We met my sister half way and picked Jed up on a Friday, we got home then an hour later he was off with his friend from school to a church function at his friend's church. Justin and I looked at each other and realized that we have entered into a new era--our oldest is starting to "hang out" with friends---and not in a 'play-date', mommies supervising way....wierd!!!
The Next morning we left for a 23 day vacation. Yes, a 23 day Road Trip! I was prepared, each kid had an accordian folder of activities to do. We only allowed one movie per day in the car, and had read alouds, books on cds, and art projects--all in the van. It was truly really fun. I hope it is a memory at least the older ones will remember. My favorite was the foil sculptures we made of the desert as we drove from Tucson to Albuquerque. Jadyn was fascinated with all the "cacti". Our 23 days took us from home, to Jacksboro for a family reunion of my Dad's side, then to Lubbock (Justin spoke in church about his year at seminary), to Las Cruces to visit friends and eat at our all time favorite restaurants, Tuscon--more dear friends, Albuquerque for a night then to the Family Cabin in Colorado, back to Albuqerque to be "home" with family and friends, back to Lubbock to spend the 4th with friends then finally home--3,000 miles later and a whole lotta money spent on gas! :)It was a fabulous trip, but we were all glad to get home in our own beds--especially Judson--about day 15 he was DONE in a pack 'n play! Thankfully, Kristen let him sleep in Hallie's crib while we were in Lubbock--he was very grateful, I could tell :)As soon as I get our photo album of the trip done on J's mac, I'll post a link---maybe...

On a different note, our first week home was rough. My mom who has been cancer free for about 7 months, found out her cancer was back. This has totally taken me (and I think the whole family) for a whirlwind of emotions. For two straight days I was going to puke at any given moment, I threw myself a good ol' pitty party. At the drop of a hat I was either crying or angry. Of course I am sad, but I also have feelings of anger--angry that she has to go through, not only chemo again, but this time a much more aggressive path of treatments--that will include taking out stem cells, and a stay in the hospital. Angry that she was seeking to use what she had gone through to help other cancer patients by beginning a ministry at her church for cancer patients/survivors and now that will have to wait. Angry that my Dad has literally worked his tail off his whole life and knowing my Dad will keep working his tail off to pay the medical bills, when I really want him to just slow down and not have to worry. As I was telling my feelings to Justin, he reminded me, well, actually he told the kids when we were praying for mom, that God loves Mom more than we love her, and He is in control which is FAR better than us being in control. Although this was a comfort, I am still having feelings of anger and selfishness. Anyway--if you could please remember my family in your prayers, we so appreciate it. I'm sure I will continue to post on how everyone is doing.

Which leads me to this week. The kids are going to Vacation Bible School. The theme is "Power Lab--focusing on God's Amazing Power". It is a science based--experiments....anwyay, the focus on "God's Amazing Power". Well, at home we have been teaching the kids how to pray these last 2 weeks--using the ACTS acronym--adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. We go through each letter and the kids take turns praying that letter. Last night I was praying with Jed by himself and we got to supplication. Here is what he said (all on his very own): "Dear God, You have such amazing power. Please, Please use all the power you have to heal Grandma. Amen." Can you see the tears that were streaming down my face? The prayers of a child...need we say anymore--

Monday, June 02, 2008

Counting Down

We have officially began counting down! Today was the LAST MONDAY I may ever have to drag Jed out of bed (not literally his bed, because he always ends up on the floor in our bedroom by morning) to go to school. YEAH! What is sad to me though is that he will only be a 1st grader for 2 more days. He will then be a second grader. Somehow, second grade seems much older to me. My boy is growing up and there is nothing I can do about it, but enjoy the time I have right now. I have purposely been trying to enjoy the kids these past few weeks. Honestly, it makes parenting so rewarding to slow down and really, truely enjoy them. We've had some good times! :)

I officially ordered our homeschool curriculum this morning! Not turning back now! And I even ordered Jed curriculum, yes we are officially a Home School Family! We are all excited about this, I feel so relieved making this decision and not going back and forth anymore. This is it, this is who we are and what we are about. Family. Molding, shaping, influencing, teaching.

One more piece of good news---we caught the mouse in our house! :) YIPEE! I found him on the stickey pad under our kitchen sink, that little stinker lived for 3 weeks as an unwelcomed guest in our house. I am crossing my fingers that we will have no more furry guests...

If you get a chance, head over to Justin's blog and library to check out recent pics of the kiddos and what we are doing. He wrote a recent post on what we are using and doing for discipleship with our kids. Of course, I am biased, but it's good stuff ! :) Here's the link:

Happy last week of school folks!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Was Country...

"Just goes to show you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl."

That is what Justin just said to me about 5 minutes ago, when I finished watching the American Country Music Awards, and exclaimed, "that is why I love country music".

How awesome was that? I missed the first hour because of Jed's birthday party, but the last 2 hours were so entertaining. Here's my highlights:

*Taylor Swift--how cool was that?!? She started off in a black hoodie and jeans then 2 guys pulled these strings and viola she was in a black dress, THEN she sang under "rain" and was soaking wet--way cool!

*Sugarland--at the end of their performance they "nestea" plunged backwards off the stage--very cool!
*Trace Atkins--yes, I cried about his song on "your gonna miss this"
*Keith Urban--that girl in the the back doing the "music" with her mouth--crazy, I was out of breath just watching her.
*Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's tribute to what's his name. She looked beautiful.
*Leeann Rhimes--I couldn't understand a word she sang but I'm a fan, so I thought it was great, she looks all grown up, which makes me sound really old!
*Reba--a great host
*Kelly Pickler--she seems so fun! Justin saw her in the airport awhile back.
*Many shots of George--worth watching just for that. Even my husband commented that he is way too handsome to be as old as he is! He's classic, Love him!
*Love Rascal Flatts and Kenny. Sara Evans looked good.
I know--not a very entertaining post, but I love the awards shows and had to share my enthusiasm.

I will soon have a post about Jed's birthday--he turned 7--unbeleivable. I remember being 7, so this is really crazy for me. He had a 2 week long celebration--Grandma was here 2 weeks ago, so we celebrated with her, then with just us on his real b-day last Monday and tonight we had his friends party at Peter Piper Pizza. All had a great time and he had a blast with all his friends.

Some quick updates:
Justin will be done with his semester officially on Wed! YEAH!!!
Justin shaved both boys heads today--they look like twins--Judson is looking like a big boy!
I am officially going to homeschool the girls in the fall--I'm really excited about this. I spent a day with friends at a Homeschool Convention and have all my curriculum picked out. I just need to get it ordered. We are still praying through Jed for next year. I could go either way with him....Hopefully it will be clear where he should go soon.
Jed, Blakley, and Jadyn are in swim lessons--they are doing well. Jadyn LOVES it! She smiles from ear to ear the whole lesson!
Jed finished his spring football season. He was an amazing player (I'm just a bit biased) but he really did do well. He got several "best defense" awards. He even got to play quarterback the last two games. He LOVES football.
Blakley finished soccer last week. She really is a talented soccer player. She is really learning how to move the ball around and cut and weave. She scored 6-7 goals most games. By the end of the season, Coach was making her pass the ball so that other girls could get a chance to score.
Jadyn is loving summer time, she loves to play in the backyard, and helps me water flowers everyday. She is really excited to start school in the fall and is doing excellent in the "Manners" book we are going through right now.
Judson is running, dancing, and laughing a lot! He is starting to talk in sentences and it is adorable. He is also loving "coo-coo's" which are cookies, he would eat them all day long if we'd let him.
Well, that is a quick update on us Edgar's. I have many pics to post of Jed's b-day, swim lessons, and such...if I could find that cord I need....maybe tomorrow!

Happy Country Music Awards night ya'll!

Oh yeah, AND we caught 5 baby mice in the garage in one afternoon--it was sad and disturbing at the same time...that's a whole post in itself--I have pics of them. Blakley cried and cried, Jed lectured Justin about killing God's was quite an event around, we never caught the one in the house, but I also haven't seen any "signs" (poop) anywhere either...I'm hoping it is gone far far away...I'll let you know :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Tale from the Shoe

My story tonight is why my blog name is what it is, for tonight we have quite a tale. I guess I should start from the beginning. Bear with me, it's kinda long. Last week Justin was in Kentucky all week for a Together For the Gospel Conference. Usually, by week's end I am at my end, but the week went rather smooth--I completely cleaned out the kids closets and dressers, got totally caught up on laundry--not even a pile to be hung up, which is quite a feat at my house. And I read through and pretty successfully, might I add (at least at the moment), implemented some discipline structure from Growing Kids God's Way. I also... had to take 2 kids to the doctor for regular visits, take dinner to a friend who just moved in our neighborhood, Community Group, a soccer practice, Jed's 1st Grade performance, Bible Study, laundry...Thursday we are leaving to go to soccer practice and Jed's performance when I have Blakley run to the side of our house to get a football that went over the fence. As she's coming back our neighbor challenges her to a race. Blakley cannot say no to a race (just ask her, that is exactly what she told the nurses at the doctor's office)and totally biffs it on the driveway. Her knee and whole right side of her face are completely raw. You would have thought she broke every bone in her body. We FINALLY leave for practice, go to Jed's performance, then to get Frosty's at Wendy's for a treat--by this time we all needed one!

On Friday morning my husband emailed me that he had just been in earthquake. Then Jed was sent home sick by lunchtime. I decided it best if I went ahead and took him in to get a strep test since it was Friday and didn't want to get stuck taking him to a clinic on Saturday. I got him in right after lunch, and asked if they could go ahead and test Judson because they share a room and last time Jed had strep, Judson had it as well. So, they do a flu and strep test. Judson's came back positive for the flu and Jed's came back positive for strep. This was totally wierd because Judson had NO symptoms--we had to stay there for 2 hours because Jed fell asleep twice on the examining table and the doctor was waiting for the Tylenol to take effect before swabbing his throat. He was a pitiful site. We finally get home 2 and a half hours later and Justin finally drives up after us--he was supposed to get in at 8:15 that morning, but an earthquake and mechanical problems on his American Airline flight delayed him.

Saturday, Justin takes Blakley to her game, then came and took snacks to Jed's football game. He then decided to go to Lowe's and buy me my Mother's Day present--screen doors! I want these for a couple of reasons. One, many people come knock on our door, and it will give me a bit more protection to have a locked screen door, and two, when the back door and front door is open a nice breeze goes through the house....well, J gets home with them and they go straight into the garage. He's not sure that he can install them.

So, that leads me to today. Of course, I was stuck home with sick kids, and it was a beautiful day outside, so I put of the baby gates in the front and back doors. We had a nice breeze going through all day. This evening, we are getting ready to go to the grocery store and I walk out of the kitchen and through the corner of my eye I see this ball of grey run under the door of the coat closet from the entry way. I SCREAM, Justin questions if it is a mouse or a giant spider, I assure him whatever it is is BIG. So, my manly husband gives Jed a broom and tells Blakley to start taking stuff out of the coat closet, they start and all of a sudden the mouse runs across Blakley's foot and into a corner behind Jed's backpack. We are all SCREAMING including Judson, Justin runs inside from the garage, I tell him it's behind the backpack and he starts beating the backpack with the broom, the mouse runs down the hall into the girls room....the kids literally tear apart the room (remember I had just cleaned it all up) looking for this mouse. Blakley has the broom ready to punce on it, Jdayn dancing around screaming, and Jed has the dustbuster. I guess he thought he could suck it up! (Davedda, doesn't this remind you of the ONE time we got to stay home while mom and dad were out of town and we thought someone was breking in so we locked ourselves in the bathroom and one of us had the aerosol hairspray and the other had the curling iron cord--we were going to spray his eyes then strangle kids are brave like we were! :) )We can't find him, so we call our Landlord...he offers to come sometime this week (I pray it is tomorrow) and put out some bait and also volunteers to help Justin install the screen doors. We head to the grocery store and get home--(Meanwhile Jed and Blakley start having tummy problems--a sign the dr. told me to look for in case they get the flu too...) I have the kids start cleaning the girls room assuring them the mouse is in the kitchen or Mommy and Daddy's room and no the mouse cannot climb into beds I assure them....please don't comment otherwise. I go into the girls room and see the mouse leap over a toy...I SCREAM again slam the door shut and jump up and down, shouting for Justin to bring me something to put under the door so he could not get out. He just stands there staring at me with a huge grin on his face. He finally gets me a blanket that I cram into the opening as tight as I can make it, HOPING it will stay in that room. The girls are now sleeping on our floor in our room--yes, that mouse better stay in that room and not run all over my girls tonight. The ONE time I have all the laundry done and actually put away, BUT we are not going in there to get anything! Looks like the girls will be having pajama day tomorrow...don't ask me what we are going to do now, I have no idea.
I've said it before there is never a dull moment around the Edgar household! I'll keep you posted on our mouse hunt!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Independence Day

Today Judson has declared his independence....Yes, he said that little, tiny two letter word to me--3 times even--"no, no, NO!" Of course, if you know my son, you know he also said it with a twinkle in his eye and an hornery grin on his face, but never the less, he said it. Where do we go from here? You'd think him being the 4th child I'd know exactly where we go--but I guess I have blocked it out of my memory, which is fine, I'm thoroughly enjoying him and this stage of life.

I love this age. He is so much fun! He has got personality bubbling over. He sings, he dances, he flirts, he giggles, he teases, he says "hut hut" and puts his hands up as to catch a football, he calls me "mimmy" (with a short'i'), and calls J "daa daaa", he thinks every animal is a horsey or a doggy, one of his favorite things to do is sit on top of Blakley's head when she is laying on the floor watching tv, when he wants something he sounds like Curious George talking, he says 'I Love You' which sounds like I-uuuuv-UUUU! (just precious), he loves baths, and getting into the car, he pulls Buster's hair and yesterday brushed Buster's teeth with his own toothbrush, he threw his bottle into the toilette (and yes, it did have a poopy in it--thanks sissy) and he LOVES his big brother--follows him around like a shadow. Jed gives him a controller to the playstation that is not plugged in and they sit there and "play" together, every few minutes Jed will say "good job Judson"--it makes my heart melt!

Someone was talking last night at our Community Group how they questioned if they could love the 2nd child as much as the first, I had those exact same feelings. Let me just say that YES, you can love each child just as much as the first, your capacity to love grows and grows and grows, as does your appreciatin for each stage of life. I am so loving 18 months, I just hope that I will still love and appreciate it tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Yard and Nightstand

It is 8:07 and there is a variety of humming,cutting, and blowing noises going on outside the office window. I love it! This means that my yard will be looking good soon--as soon as the fertilizer kicks in and the sun shines to make the grass green. There is nothing like a manicured lawn to make me ready for summer. Growing up our yard was always meticulous. If Dad didn't have time to do it (my Dad's days start anywhere from 2:30am-4am) we had somebody do it. My husband doesn't have the time or desire to do it, we just like the end result--it's our one vice. We could take 6 months to pay for a good lawnmower, or we could pay someone to do it for 6 months--Justin chose the latter.

On a completely different note, my friend emailed me yesterday wanting to know if I was reading any good books, she was in the mood for a good book. Unfortunately, I couldn't give her anything stimulating. My bedtime reading has been focused on my debate to homeschool my girls next year, so my nightstand consists of "What Every Kindergartner Should Know" (a whole language approach), and "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons". Stimulating, huh?!? So, for the 5 of you (whom I know of )who read this, what is on your nightstand? Leave a comment of your good reads! I'd love to get a great read to take me away for a little bit each day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, Ironing, Makeup, and Memories...

My in-laws are here visiting with my neice and nephew. My neice turned 14 yesterday--I can hardly believe it, it seems like yesterday that she teeter-tottered down the aisle at our wedding. She is almost all grown up with make-up and everything. Blakley and Jadyn adore her. After all, who wouldn't love a cousin who wears cool jewelry and glittery makeup. So, Blakley and Jadyn have been very attentive to Karissa this week, especially when she is putting her makeup on and Karissa (who is a GREAT cousin)happily puts some on the girls as well. Unfortunately, this morning Daddy would not allow Blakley to have makeup on as he reminded her she is a little girl and little girls do not need makeup because they are already as beautiful as God created them to be. Blakley did not buy this, she stamped her foot down, put her hands on her hips and screamed "I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!!!" I'm afraid we will have many more mornings in her life that this same scene will play out before church!

Last night, my father-in-law had to iron his shirt for this morning. (Yes, he has to iron his own clothes!) I took out the iron and board and he got to work. As he was ironing I was French braiding Jadyn's hair so that it would be curly this morning. She turned around and took a long look at Papa Bill and just had this perplexed look on her face. Finally, she said,"Mommy, what is that, and what is Papa doing with it?" I totally started see, around my house, if it has to be ironed, it goes to the cleaners, so Jadyn has never been around the iron before. It was so funny!

In previous posts I have shared how my Grandpa was the worship leader at my church growing up. My foundation of worship is strongly based on what he taught me all those years growing up. Easter was always a big deal growing up, as it should be. For some reason this morning all those Easters growing up flooded my memory. You see our worship time this morning had my Grandpa's voice all over it. It didn't cross my mind that we would be singing these particular songs, because at our church we sing a lot of songs that Drue, our worship leader, has written himself, so I was so caught off guard. The first song we started with, I hung on strong because we sang it with a different melody, but as soon as the chorus came up on the screen, I felt Justin look at me through the corner of his eye, and I completely lost control. Tears flowed like they haven't flowed since I sat as my Grandpa's funeral. We began with ..."Up from the grave He arose" we then continued to sing several songs that I grew up singing every Sunday. I could even see my sister playing the piano for him. I thought I had pulled it together when we finally started singing "In Christ Alone", although it is my absolute favorite song, it was not in my Grandpa's time. So, during that song, I pulled it together, unfortunately, we then went right into "Because He Lives" and it started all over again. I was silently hoping we would conclude with a song I didn't know, but we ended with "How Great Thou Art" which is appropriate, because that was Grandpa's favorite. Today's worship was a tribute to my Grandpa, I am so thankful for him and his love for Christ. I want my kids to know these hymns, I know that they aren't the "cool" worship songs that we sing today, but they are solid and the memories that come when I sing them are so special, I hope my kids will have memories like those.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love You

***I promise it is way cute, we just can't seem to get the video to download off our camer. He says "mama, I love you. Dada, I love you. Sissy, I love you. Jed, I love you. Jadyn, I love you" It is heart warming~ I promise!***

Here is our sweet boy with his new trick!
How cute is he...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mom's Good Ol' Home Cooking

My two boys have come down with a dreadful case of strep throat. Both got sick Sunday morning. I knew immediately that Jed had strep because he always gets that "smell", and he had that "smell" stronger than ever by Sunday night. Well, sure enough, tests were positive--it seems like everyone in our town has something, as I dropped off prescriptions at 11:00am and did not get them until 6:00pm. Well, this evening Jed finally decided he could eat something other than a chocolate milk shake, he asked for mac n cheese, I happily obliged. But he thought it was too cheesy. So, then I make the girls their dinner, Jed asks for some of it, so I make him a small bowl. He scarfs it down. A little later he comes into the office, climbs his long, lanky body onto my lap and says, "Mom, can I have some more? I love your cooking." pause..."I think you should have show on the cooking channel, your cooking is so good."
"Thanks Jed, Mommy puts a lot of love into the meals I make you. I'm glad you liked it."
"yeah mom, I love your cooking."
This warms my heart. I would really love to be a great cook, I love the cooking channel! However, my children really only love my cooking when it is premade, in a can. For tonight their dinner was Spaghetti O's and Meatballs. Thanks to Chef Boyardee, my kids think I am a gourmet chef~and I wouldn't have it any other way! ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bunco Craziness!

So, I just returned from our 3rd bunco group. Let me just say that I am so excited that so many women want to give up their Friday night to roll dice! Bunco was a staple in my life in Lubbock--every 1st Thursday of the month was bunco, Justin knew it and was always home or had a sitter scheduled for me to attend. He knows that I need an outlet to go and be with girls to laugh, talk, and breathe for at least 2 hours without kiddos around. I always come home refreshed. Women need women. So, when we moved here, one of the first things I wanted to do was get into a bunco group. Our church didn't have one, so I mentioned it to the women in our Community Group, talked about it to a neighbor, and started one. We have done it for 3 months. Let me tell you, word has gotten out about us girls--the first 2 months we had 12, then 10, and tonight we had 19! We had at one point 25 that wanted to come, but you know there are always those that cancel at the last minute. We ended up with 5 tables--it was so much fun! What is so great about bunco is that you are forced to rotate tables and have different partners--so you have to be social--I met women I would never have met anywhere else. We have a handful from church who bring their friends, then the rest live in our devlopment--I love meeting these women, there is such potential for us to be on mission, to develop realtionships--it just thrills me.

Anyway, I get home and a frozen pizza is on the stove (cooked of course) and the whole fam is laying on the living room floor watching Indiana, I took the opportunity to sneak in the office and post--since I was chastised tonight for taking so long to post! :) Here's to you ladies and the fun we had tonight! Hope all your children sleep really late in the morning so you can too! :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doin' It

Ok, this might be way too much information for anyone who is reading this, but it was too funny to me and Justin to not get it down in writing.
Last week my mom was here, we took the kids to Bounce Town to burn off some energy. On the way there, out of no where, Jed asks, "Mom, do you know what sex is?" Grandma starts giggling, my mind races to figure out the correct way to respond, "Well, yes, what do you know about it?"
"Well, ____ talks about it to _____ at school."
"What does _____ say about it?"
"Mrs. Ivy said that we don't talk about it at school."

Ok, so mental note to tell Justin about this and give him a heads up that this particular subject is definitely his territory.

Fast forward a week. Last night we let the kids camp out on our floor (they think this is really cool) Jed also lost is front top tooth yesterday, so he was anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy to come, and therefore, had trouble falling asleep. Justin and I were fighting to stay awake, because if we fell asleep before Jed the toothfairy would certainly NOT come. So, we are watching Jay Leno and he is telling this joke about Hillary and Barrack--and shows this scene of the waist down of two people and underwear falls to the ground. All of a sudden, Jed asks, "Is that sex?"

Whoa...suddenly our sleepiness goes away. Justin sits up, has Jed come up and sit with us in bed. Justin does this incredible job of telling Jed that sex is something that God created for Mommies and Daddies to share their love and ultimately glorify God.....(of course, I am fighting off the giggles)... he explains that as he gets older that Daddy will share more of what it is, and that it is not something we talk about with our friends, if he wants to talk about it or has questions about it to talk to Daddy...Jed is nodding his head quickly. Justin explains that when Mommy and Daddy's door is shut and Jed wants to come in that we are "sharing our love" and that is why Daddy gets mad at him, that he needs to wait until we are done...
It gets quiet, then Jed asks, "so what if when we move to another house and your door doesn't have a lock on it, and you and mommy are...doin' it?"
Justin and I can't hold it in..we lose it. Justin assures Jed that he does not need to worry about that. And off Jed goes back to his sleeping bag to wait for the toothfairy.
Oh my gosh, where did he learn the term "doin' it"? And, when did he get so big that we are having these conversations with him?
Wow, our little boy is growing up way too fast. Our prayer and hope is that he will come to us with any questions he has about everything and not look to his buddies for answers. I just didn't know it would happen so soon. Lord, help us to be prepared for this parenting thing!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Randomness

A few little stories I want to get written down before they are gone from my memory!

*Last week we were driving home from school and Jed says that he doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. I tell him just 2 more days then he will have a 3 day weekend. He says, "Oh, yeah, it's that King Juniors birthday." I say, "Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. Do you know what he did?" Jed replies, "Uh, he used big words and had a dream." I burst out laughing, "yes, he did." We later explained a bit more about why we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On Sunday night, he wanted to know how we were going to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday...sorry buddy, no birthday cake at our house!

*Blakley is totally infatuated with horses, so Justin rented her "Flicka" the movie with Tim McGraw. Well, I was getting ready to go to bunco Friday night and she was watching it in the playroom when all of a sudden she comes running to me sobbing. I thought she was hurt or sick, and through her sobs she tells me that Flicka was killed by a Mountain Lion. She was SO upset. Justin walks into the kitchen and I scolded him for getting her that movie. Well, it turned out that Flicka did not die, and recovered, so Blakley was then able to finish it. I love that she is growing and maturing and able to have these emotions that she understands when something is sad.
Our best friends came to visit us from Lubbock this past weekend for Blakley's birthday. Emmy and Blakley are best friends, they played so great this weekend. Usually, they end up in some kind of argument or wrestling match on the floor. Not this weekend they played and giggled and talked...when it was time for them to leave both girls cried. It was so sweet.

*Today we were walking down an aisle at Walmart, trying to get all on my list--which is quite a task with my sweet little Jadyn roaming around in her own little world she made some intellegent comment, then said, "Am I smart?" Justin said, "yes, you are." then Blakley chimes in, "Jadyn got her talent from me" Justin and I giggled over that.

*Tomorrow my little girly girl turns 5. I can't believe it. 5 years ago tonight we had our friends Tim and Carrie King over to eat pizza and watch American Idol auditions. As I did not go into labor with Jed (just induced) she was explaining to me what it felt like to actually go into labor. When they were leaving I stood up and swear I felt a contraction.....Carrie predicted I would be going to the hospital that night. Well, I didn't. The morning came and I woke up with a terrible urge to clean out Jed's closet. So, there I am in my comfy clothes. I bend over to pick up a box of outgrown clothes and a gush comes pouring down my leg. Justin is at work. I kinda go, could this be my water breaking? I call my doctor first, asking if this indeed is my water breaking. The nurse assures me it is, and instructs me to get to the hospital. Well, I hadn't showered, I hadn't eaten any lunch (and experience from Jed told me I needed to eat before I get there, because they certainly weren't going to let me eat). I asked the nurse if I could quickly get ready. She advised against it, but I did anyway. Then I called Justin at the church office. Well, he was not as excited as I was. The staff was walking out the door to go eat lunch at PF Changs--which had JUST opened (This is a big deal for J --PF and Pei Wei are by far his favorites!) So, this is how our phone conversation went:
"Hey, you need to come home"
"My water broke and we need to get to the hospital"
"Right now? Can't you wait an hour or so? I'm on my way to PF Changs"
"Are you sure?"
"OK, I'll be home in a bit"
Hang mom to pick up Jed...head to the hospital, mom takes Jed to my inlaws and meets us at the hospital. Later my mother in law, Justin's aunt and grandmother, my mom and dad all show up. We hang out in the room, time to push and I make everyone leave the room. One push she's out. Everyone files back in.
Blaley's birth was special in that it was the only one of our four kids that was born in Albuquerque. The only birth that we got to have our families there with us. It was a blessing. Very fitting that Blakley was born with my Dad present--he did not have any sons to pass on the family name, but this little baby girl would carry the name on.
I can't believe it's been 5 years--time has literally flown by. She's growing up, getting big girl feet,heading off to kindergarten in the fall. My, it will be soon when she will be having her own
Happy Birthday Blakes, I love you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That's Just What I do

It is 7:40 am. I got Jed off to school, the girls a poptart, and my one year old is strutting around in an almost too full diaper (and I think I am starting to smell a stinky in it) BUT instead of getting him the tub--which is the plan-- I had to first go on and feed Freddy. Freddy is Jed's virtual frog. We got him and my nephew one. They are stuffed animals that you register on this website then it is your, ( I mean the child's) responsibility to earn money to decorate his room, keep him happy, and his tummy full. Well, the past few days when Jed goes to get on the website, it is down, so this morning as he's running out the door to the neighbors house (my WONDERFUL neighbor takes him to school for me!) he looks up at me with the sweetest blue eyes that look just like his Daddy's and says, "Mommy, I think Freddy might be dead. How long can a frog last without eating?" So, what do I do? The front door shuts, I jump on the computer and feed Freddy breakfast. I'm not sure he liked my choice of granola cereal, as Jed likes to feed him what he would like to eat, but at least he is not dead! Hey, I'm a mom, that's just what I do.

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Edgar Home Tour

I did not participate in BooMama's Tour of Homes, but here is a tour of my home after Christmas--notice there is not any pics of the outside of my house because our Christmas lights are still up....I know it bugs me too! :) Most of my presents this year were to decorate my house. Money and gift cards were all used for the house decor. I still have a lot I want to do, but a little at a time, huh?!? My most practical gift I asked for was my dustbuster--this is a MUST HAVE for every house with kids--I use it constantly! And the kids like to use it as well--a great thing to have! I wish I had a before pic of the playroom--you gotta love IKEA, we spent a good part of New Year's Day there. The kids are in no hurry to ever go back!
Enjoy the pics, if your ever in the neighborhood, stop by for a Diet Coke!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Bye 2007

Taking a que from my sister, here is the Edgar's life in 2007. Davedda did it so she doesn't forget, I am doing it out of guilt that I do not have any up to date scrap books, poor Judson, not even a baby book yet....there's a resolution for me!

JANUARY: Justin always went with our youth group skiing over the break. This year, he took Jed and Blakley with him. After a ton of hours in the van to get from Albuquerque to Lubbock because of a HUGE snowstorm, they made it about 6 hours before they got back on the road to come back up north on to Colorado. The kids loved skiing, Blakley was, of course, a natural. But the best part for them was the hot chocolate and spending quality time with Daddy!
Blakley turned 4 on the 23rd. We took cupcakes to "school" and had a special lunch with Mommy and Daddy.
Justin began Seminary at Westminster Theological Seminary in Dallas. Over the course of the semester he traveled to Dallas a few times a month to take classes. Still new and exciting, the wear and tear hasn't effected the family yet!
Justin's mom received results about her thyroid. She will have to have her thyroid removed.
Continued homeschooling Jed...

FEBRUARY: Justin was out of town 13 days for seminary classes and planning team meetings for Fun in the Son Camp in Padre. Trips to the Science Spectrum with Jess and Ami,Kids Night Out at Church, Covenant Meeting with the girls, Couples Small Group, and Bunco filled up the month while Justin was in and out. My Nanny turned 80.
Oh, the funnest adventure was "Girls in the Know"! Many of us wives "suffer" through Fantasy Football, well, this is for us girls--a fantasy league with celebrities. We drafted our celebrities at Leslie and Brenna's and saw sides of our friends that we had never seen before! :) What fun it was, I had Justin Timberlake and through him I took a strong second--only because Jess had that rapper dude with those ring tones....:)
Went to see Beth Moore simulcast at a local church--much needed revival...
Blakley continued with ballet lessons at the community center.

MARCH: March began relaxing with a massage! If I was rich I'd have one at least once a month--so worth it! We celebrated Ami's baby shower and the coming of little Gracelyn. Justin was again back and forth to Dallas, Spring Break Mission Trip to New Orleans. And on an extremely sad note, we witnessed a heartbreaking loss of a father and husband to a dear family in our church. No other death has affected me as much as this one did, we were certain God was going to heal him, ultimately He did, but to see a wife and children without their father/husband is heart wrenching.
Jadyn turned 3 on the 9th, we celebrated with a party at Jumpin' Jungle for both the girls with all their friends--much fun!
Put our house on the market...a move to Dallas was inevitable, as the traveling has taken its toll on Justin, Danette and the kiddos.
Justin discovers Providence Community Church in Plano. His first visit and knows this is where we will be serving when we move to Dallas.
Lots more trips to the Science Spectrum, library, Chic-Fil-A, and McDonalds to pass time while Daddy is away.
My mom is still going through many tests and different doctors to find out what is wrong with her.

APRIL: Justin was in Dallas a lot! We filled the month with: Tuesday School, Jed getting tested for Speech Services, Children's Choir at Church, Science Spectrum, Jumpin'Jungle, Small Group, Weight Watchers, and keeping the house picked up (as much as possible with 4 kiddos!)and way too many hours on the internet looking at houses in the DFW area. At the end of the month the kids and I traveled to Albuquerque. I dropped off the kiddos at my wonderful in-laws and my mom and I spent the weekend at Living Proof Live Conference with Beth Moore. We were privileged "greeters" which gave us first row seats. Beth was literally in my face at one point during her first session....exciting and again, much needed personal revival! Still didn't know what was going on with my mom, but she was a trooper and did great for the weekend of early morning and late nights!

MAY: Dead Day and Finals week at Tech was emotional for Justin--last pancake breakfast, having to say goodbye to many students who were going home or on missions for the summer. Goodbye parties started early...
Jed finished up kindergarten--not sure how I did as a home school teacher--:)
Jed turned 6 on the 12th--celebrated with Will Mitchell at the Mitchell's with a Spiderman party--
Justin's aunt passed away and his Grandmother had a big birthday. Unfortunately, they happened too close together.
Went to see Dr. Lawrence on last time--amazing how attached you get to your ob/gyn, I've convinced myself to travel to Lubbock once a year to keep him as my doctor!
FINALLY, Mom is diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. A blessing to know what it is, and now chemo begins...through it all Mom and Dad were incredible.
Graduation and goodbye parties filled up the month--oh, and I think there was a juice fast in there some where! :)

JUNE: Crash Course in Hodgkins Lymphoma and chemo. Lots of internet searching and praying, and another study through "Believing God" but this time with a whole different perspective.
More dinners, lunches and playdates with friends, squeezing in as much "friend" time as possible, more keeping the house picked up and my last Bunko--appropriately at the Barron's.
VBS filled a half a week, then me and the kiddos trekked back to Albuquerque. Again, my wonderful in-laws took the kiddos, and I met Justin in Dallas to house hunt--Stayed with the Moores--our pastor and his family. Had a great time, rained the whole weekend, and found our house--yippee!. Back to Albuquerque, to spend some quality time with my parents, and my sister and Colby. Celebrated Mom's 60th, Dad's 62nd, and their 36 or 37th? anniversary (yes, all this happens on the same day every year--and on the 13th!)Judson gets some major spoiling with all his grandparents!
Justin preached his last sermon at WPC and a staff party followed--bitter sweet....

JULY: the big month, we are moving whether the house sells or not, but not to fear, an offer comes in and the timing is PERFECT--isn't God incredible?!? Schedule the Uhaul, set date for garage sale and FINALLY, the house can be a mess again! This is when you know your tried and true friends. Barron's, Mitchell's, Holtzman's all sacrificed lots of time to help pack, babysit kiddos, and take down a swing set. (Same one they put together 3 years prior)The take apart swing-set cookout is one of my best memories, I think because I purposefully tried to remember details. Ami and Kristen packed the girls room, Brooke and I got dinner ready, Holtzman grilled, and the guys did the manly stuff with the big tools! Holtzman's also announced the comming of Holtzman Baby #2!!!
We scheduled to pick up the Uhaul in Clovis because it was $300 cheaper then picking it up in Lubbock. When I called to confirm they said that Clovis did not have the size we needed, but would be getting a phone call where the closest place was to pick it up. Low and behold, the closest place to pick it up was in Lubbock--again a reminder who is in control! What a blessing. Another blessing was my wonderful mother-in-law came down the weekend of the move and worked her tail off--cleaning and packing and taking care of kiddos. Don't know what I'd have done without her.
By the grace of God, SEVERAL friends, a last minute jaunt to the Uhual place at 5:00 Sunday night to get the biggest trailor to pull behind the biggest Uhaul we are loaded and ready to go. Sleep deprivation (and Jadyn puking all night -- as we slept on the floor of our empty house one last night--nothing to clean throw up up with was a little blessing as I could somewhat keep it together as we closed on our house, said good bye to Kristen and pulled out of Lubbock--yes, I sang "I thought Happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror, but my momma kept calling me home..." Get to Wylie (oh yeah, Brian locked the keys to Justin's car in the trunk, spare set packed we left without him) a crew from Providence is waiting to unload us--another blessing. Got unloaded, pizzas ordered and everyone fed my nightfall. We are here, a new beginning...bummer all 4 kids threw up all night our first night--no towels unpacked, no washing maching hooked up, Edgar's make sure everything we do is memorable :)

I turned 32 somewhere in there!

AUGUST:Justin took his first Greek class....every morning...his practicing at home was humorous for the rest of us! Unpacking and getting settled was how we spent the month. Meeting neighbors, and getting to know my way around.... Back to Lubbock for Whitney and Andrew's wedding, Blakley was flower girl and Justin did part of the ceremony.
Jed started public school...getting into the groove
Spent Labor Day weekend with Wes and Jama and their family. Then spent the night in Ft. Worth went to the museum and Stock Yards--really fun, but what is up with the humidity!?!?!?
Blakley started playing soccer--a natural.
Jed started playing football--a passion has been born!
J and I celebrated our 12th anniversary, and J turned 36!

SEPTEMBER: School, soccer, football, community group, church....this is what we did.
Justin had a small stint working at UPS, but the 3:30 mornings were too much on him and the family.

OCTOBER: Judson turned one on the 13th!!! A small cookout we had with a few friends to celebrate Judsy-BOys 1st b-day. Not walking yet...doesn't like to eat, didn't care much for his b-day cake!
Scool, soccer, football, community group, church, and Halloween! Halloween brought Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, and the Cowardly Lion, and Harry Potter to the Edgar Household. Good old Trick or Treating was in full force in our neighborhood, we hung out in our front yard with neighbors and enjoyed the warm fall weather. Kids had a blast.
Justin started working at FedEx--great job, just gone every evening--no family dinners....

NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving took us to Abeline for the annual Blakley/Marshall/Edgar Thanksgiving Getaway. This is where we all meet at this suite hotel, hang out, eat this amazing dinner that we didn't have to cook or clean up and sit around and catch up with everybody. This year we got several inches of snow, unfortunately, nobody brought their snow gear to play in it! We took a family portrait--guess there can't be anymore additions to the family for awhile! :)

DECEMBER: Results are in: No cancer cells can be found in my mom's body! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus for healing mom.
Wow, already Christmas--we stayed in Wylie, my parents came--it was great! Laid back, no traveling with kiddos, presents,...nice. Just missed rest of the family.

Wow, that was a long year--lots of things happened--lots of life lived. Lots of changes took place. God has blessed.

Happy New Year!