Monday, September 15, 2008

10,000 Steps and Other Randomness

I am a random person...
Here's some of my randomness tongiht:
*My favorite Body Blast teacher and friend has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks, last Thursday Justin asked if I wasn't going to go back to the gym until she got back...ouch! So I drug my tired body up Friday morning, picked up another friend and headed to class at 5:30 AM...of course, we had to stop at Starbucks should not get up at 5am without some kind of reward! Well, I went to my normal class today thinking that I would at least get 2 workouts in before my friend got back....wrong...she was back...very tan...and very excited to work us out!

*Justin and Jed are very actively watching Monday Night Football...Cowboys and Eagles...need I say more? I bet if you listen you can hear them yelling, I mean cheering, all the way to your house.

*Jadyn starts ballet on Thursday...that makes 75% of our kids in an extracurricular activity...they all happen to practice on times ya'll!

*Ike hit my sisters neighborhood badly. My sister and fam were lucky, only a few trees down and thankfully none hit the house. When you have 67 trees in your backyard, a few are likely to fall! They will not have electricity for at least 3 about roughin' it!

*My mom is in the hospital...she's had 5 of her 6 intense chemo treatments...she is a rock, she is feeling good, and her voice is strong and normal! Wednesday she will have the stem cells put back in ..what I've read online about it is that it is comparable to a bone marrow transplant. This is when she will probably not feel well, I am going to stay with her the first of October--while my wonderful in-laws take the kiddos for a in-laws!

*Our Neighborhood Homeschool Group is having our 1st annual Back To School Bash/Olympics Friday night...yes, I am making my family matching t-shirts :)

*For some reason I get emails from Payless Shoes...tonights email was: "Ankle Boots A Must Have For Fall" UUHHGGG! I guess I won't be hip this fall!

*The weather today was incredible...we took a nature walk after school work was all done...we all had a ball!

*Oh yeah, 10,000 if you've read previous posts you know all about my catastrophic experience with my yummy spinach, I've decided to just get back to the less and move more...which led me to buy a pedometer to see how many steps I take in a normal day. Everything I've read says to strive for 10,000 steps a day. 6,000 steps for health and 10,000 for weight loss. So, I got a pedometer and started tracking last Friday. Let me tell you, 10,000 steps is a TON...I had about 4,000 and thought I did a lot of walking...So, now I hop on the treadmill and get my 10,000 in no matter what. And guess what, I feel more energized. We walked to the park today, and I wanted to run around and play, not sit and, how many steps do you take in a day?

I guess that's all my randomness for the day...guess I should go fold some laundry...yuck!
Catch ya'll later


Random Thoughts Tracy said...

I was just thinking of your mom and said a quick prayer for her!

I read recently that women that get 10K steps in a day weigh like 65% LESS than those that don't! that's a huge difference!

I think I want a Ped...but can I put it on my bicycle?

Symbo said...

I'm right there with you on the early morning work out. M, W, F I'm at the gym by 5:30, T & Th I'm at my instructors house by 5:15 for class on her driveway (cheaper that way). Anyway, you'll be in my sleepy thoughts as I'm driving to work out each morning.

JRT said...

Hard stuff for your Mom!! What's the update?
10,000 steps. Would be curious about that.
Saw LOTS of ankle boots even in the Sunday NY Times. That would be a hard one!
Yes, so much FB pressure these days.