Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation, Cancer, and VBS

So, it's has been a couple of months since my last post. Day to day, life seems to pass so slowly, but when I read my last entry I realize that SO much has happened in two months. The first week of Summer Break, Jed ended up going to The Woodlands to spend the week with my sister and her family. He had a BLAST, however, momma was stressed out the entire week. My face broke out so bad, I looked like a pizza-faced middle schooler...not a pretty picture, mind you!
We met my sister half way and picked Jed up on a Friday, we got home then an hour later he was off with his friend from school to a church function at his friend's church. Justin and I looked at each other and realized that we have entered into a new era--our oldest is starting to "hang out" with friends---and not in a 'play-date', mommies supervising way....wierd!!!
The Next morning we left for a 23 day vacation. Yes, a 23 day Road Trip! I was prepared, each kid had an accordian folder of activities to do. We only allowed one movie per day in the car, and had read alouds, books on cds, and art projects--all in the van. It was truly really fun. I hope it is a memory at least the older ones will remember. My favorite was the foil sculptures we made of the desert as we drove from Tucson to Albuquerque. Jadyn was fascinated with all the "cacti". Our 23 days took us from home, to Jacksboro for a family reunion of my Dad's side, then to Lubbock (Justin spoke in church about his year at seminary), to Las Cruces to visit friends and eat at our all time favorite restaurants, Tuscon--more dear friends, Albuquerque for a night then to the Family Cabin in Colorado, back to Albuqerque to be "home" with family and friends, back to Lubbock to spend the 4th with friends then finally home--3,000 miles later and a whole lotta money spent on gas! :)It was a fabulous trip, but we were all glad to get home in our own beds--especially Judson--about day 15 he was DONE in a pack 'n play! Thankfully, Kristen let him sleep in Hallie's crib while we were in Lubbock--he was very grateful, I could tell :)As soon as I get our photo album of the trip done on J's mac, I'll post a link---maybe...

On a different note, our first week home was rough. My mom who has been cancer free for about 7 months, found out her cancer was back. This has totally taken me (and I think the whole family) for a whirlwind of emotions. For two straight days I was going to puke at any given moment, I threw myself a good ol' pitty party. At the drop of a hat I was either crying or angry. Of course I am sad, but I also have feelings of anger--angry that she has to go through, not only chemo again, but this time a much more aggressive path of treatments--that will include taking out stem cells, and a stay in the hospital. Angry that she was seeking to use what she had gone through to help other cancer patients by beginning a ministry at her church for cancer patients/survivors and now that will have to wait. Angry that my Dad has literally worked his tail off his whole life and knowing my Dad will keep working his tail off to pay the medical bills, when I really want him to just slow down and not have to worry. As I was telling my feelings to Justin, he reminded me, well, actually he told the kids when we were praying for mom, that God loves Mom more than we love her, and He is in control which is FAR better than us being in control. Although this was a comfort, I am still having feelings of anger and selfishness. Anyway--if you could please remember my family in your prayers, we so appreciate it. I'm sure I will continue to post on how everyone is doing.

Which leads me to this week. The kids are going to Vacation Bible School. The theme is "Power Lab--focusing on God's Amazing Power". It is a science based--experiments....anwyay, the focus on "God's Amazing Power". Well, at home we have been teaching the kids how to pray these last 2 weeks--using the ACTS acronym--adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. We go through each letter and the kids take turns praying that letter. Last night I was praying with Jed by himself and we got to supplication. Here is what he said (all on his very own): "Dear God, You have such amazing power. Please, Please use all the power you have to heal Grandma. Amen." Can you see the tears that were streaming down my face? The prayers of a child...need we say anymore--