Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Was Country...

"Just goes to show you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl."

That is what Justin just said to me about 5 minutes ago, when I finished watching the American Country Music Awards, and exclaimed, "that is why I love country music".

How awesome was that? I missed the first hour because of Jed's birthday party, but the last 2 hours were so entertaining. Here's my highlights:

*Taylor Swift--how cool was that?!? She started off in a black hoodie and jeans then 2 guys pulled these strings and viola she was in a black dress, THEN she sang under "rain" and was soaking wet--way cool!

*Sugarland--at the end of their performance they "nestea" plunged backwards off the stage--very cool!
*Trace Atkins--yes, I cried about his song on "your gonna miss this"
*Keith Urban--that girl in the the back doing the "music" with her mouth--crazy, I was out of breath just watching her.
*Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's tribute to what's his name. She looked beautiful.
*Leeann Rhimes--I couldn't understand a word she sang but I'm a fan, so I thought it was great, she looks all grown up, which makes me sound really old!
*Reba--a great host
*Kelly Pickler--she seems so fun! Justin saw her in the airport awhile back.
*Many shots of George--worth watching just for that. Even my husband commented that he is way too handsome to be as old as he is! He's classic, Love him!
*Love Rascal Flatts and Kenny. Sara Evans looked good.
I know--not a very entertaining post, but I love the awards shows and had to share my enthusiasm.

I will soon have a post about Jed's birthday--he turned 7--unbeleivable. I remember being 7, so this is really crazy for me. He had a 2 week long celebration--Grandma was here 2 weeks ago, so we celebrated with her, then with just us on his real b-day last Monday and tonight we had his friends party at Peter Piper Pizza. All had a great time and he had a blast with all his friends.

Some quick updates:
Justin will be done with his semester officially on Wed! YEAH!!!
Justin shaved both boys heads today--they look like twins--Judson is looking like a big boy!
I am officially going to homeschool the girls in the fall--I'm really excited about this. I spent a day with friends at a Homeschool Convention and have all my curriculum picked out. I just need to get it ordered. We are still praying through Jed for next year. I could go either way with him....Hopefully it will be clear where he should go soon.
Jed, Blakley, and Jadyn are in swim lessons--they are doing well. Jadyn LOVES it! She smiles from ear to ear the whole lesson!
Jed finished his spring football season. He was an amazing player (I'm just a bit biased) but he really did do well. He got several "best defense" awards. He even got to play quarterback the last two games. He LOVES football.
Blakley finished soccer last week. She really is a talented soccer player. She is really learning how to move the ball around and cut and weave. She scored 6-7 goals most games. By the end of the season, Coach was making her pass the ball so that other girls could get a chance to score.
Jadyn is loving summer time, she loves to play in the backyard, and helps me water flowers everyday. She is really excited to start school in the fall and is doing excellent in the "Manners" book we are going through right now.
Judson is running, dancing, and laughing a lot! He is starting to talk in sentences and it is adorable. He is also loving "coo-coo's" which are cookies, he would eat them all day long if we'd let him.
Well, that is a quick update on us Edgar's. I have many pics to post of Jed's b-day, swim lessons, and such...if I could find that cord I need....maybe tomorrow!

Happy Country Music Awards night ya'll!

Oh yeah, AND we caught 5 baby mice in the garage in one afternoon--it was sad and disturbing at the same time...that's a whole post in itself--I have pics of them. Blakley cried and cried, Jed lectured Justin about killing God's was quite an event around, we never caught the one in the house, but I also haven't seen any "signs" (poop) anywhere either...I'm hoping it is gone far far away...I'll let you know :)

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The Joys of having Boys said...

I was wondering if there would be a post in May from you!! :)

Anyways, I TOTALLY love country music, have been a fan for awhile. I go through spells now and then where I will listen to different music, but I always come back to country. Thanks for the recap, I missed the awards all the way around!!