Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Being "Deceptive" Sinful, Even When It's Delicious?

Hey there all, I know it's been a couple of weeks, and I have a ton to update everyone on, like Judson's first b-day; figuring out how to get my husband to do all my "honey-do's"--just give him a big test the next day and he will do pretty much anything I want him too to keep from studying. EXCEPT put up a swing set in 40 degrees pouring rain and 30 mph winds. But everything else that has been lingering since moving here is pretty much done--except a few boxes in a closet I need to go through. My sister will be very happy to know that a certain picture is now hung across from the coat closet and it looks good! Both cars are now in the garage--that was one I wasn't even counting on! Bikes are hung on hooks and off season clothes are tucked away in the attic--yesterday was quite productive for my hubs! Late last night and all morning has been spent crashing for his test--luckily J thrives on deadlines and getting things done at the last minute--I think it keeps him sharp!

Back to what I want to talk about--being deceptive but delicious! I am a Fair Weather Oprah fan--particularly when Dr. Oz is on-I am there, any other time--not so much. Anyway, Dr. Oz and Jessica Seinfeld were on a few weeks ago promoting her new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious". Basically, she was tired of hounding her kids to eat their veggies--ME TOO! So, she created these recipes that have pureed vegetables in them and no one is the wiser--I had to get my hands on this book! Walmart was sold out so, off to Target I went and grabbed the last one. The next Sunday I had my list in tow and off to the grocery store I went. I was buying veggies I didn't even know what they looked like! Luckily they were labeled! After the kids were tucked away in bed and snoring sweetly, I got to work--steaming, roasting then pureeing. Labeling 1/2 cup portions in zip locks, freezing a lot for later use and refrigerating those I would use that first week. Monday came the test--grilled cheese with butternut squash--guess what? They ate it right up! Brownies have been the biggest hit--with spinach and carrots! Two weeks into it and I am hooked! My family has eaten more veggies these two weeks than they've eaten in their lives! The recipes are good--brownies, blueberry lemon muffins, spaghetti pie, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, burgers, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes--all food that my kids love--but so much healthier. I'll tell you what, after making my own nuggets out of chicken breasts, I will be hard pressed to put another frozen nugget on their plates--talk about eye opening! (I know that is probably a no brainer--but still!)

So now, the wives in our Community Group at church are coming over on Sunday night and we are having a Pureeing Party--us mom's are on a mission to get our kids (and husbands!) to eat their veggies!

I highly recommend this cookbook, it also gives charts on what each vegetable is good for--what it does for your body and how much of each a child needs at their age. Very informative!

Ok, my girls have been running around in their undies for an hour --waiting to go through the "winter clothes" bucket from last year to see what still fits--if anything!

Happy Veggie Eating!

Oh yeah, and I have volunteered to host the Thanksgiving Feast for our playgroup at Church--therefore Justin has until November 17th to get the swing set up and running--because 31 kiddos just aint gonna do inside the house!!! (Hopefully, finals will begin about then :) )

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jesus Paid It All

I just finished reading my sisters blog (http://www.mom22boyz.blogspot.com/) and of course was bawling as soon as I read the title. As I was writing my comment--I ran out of room---so was going back to shorten it, my wonderfully, now mobile, but cute- as-ever, almost one year old pulled the power plug--so I had to reboot and figured I would just put my comments in my own blog (even though I have a ton of things I want to talk about) this is in the front of my brain right now.

Davedda talked about memories of our Grandpa singing. He was the worship leader at our church growing up (which would be the reason why my first duet with Chrissy Sciarrillo happened on stage at the First Baptist Church when I was like 7. And come to think of it--funny that I haven't been asked to sing since Grandpa has not been a worship leader, guess he heard only the good notes!) I also knew that "Kevin Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul" when I was like 3, much to my dismay I was later told that it wasn't Kevin, but Heaven that came down to fill my soul with Glory! Amen.

As soon as an old Hymn is playing my eyes (as well as my sister's, and I'm pretty sure my mom's) well up with tears. We immediately can hear Grandpa belting out the words (and many times a different word if the right word didn't come to him quick enough!) They are powerful memories of which partly define who I am today.

My sister reminenced over "How Great Thou Art" ~ a favorite of Grandpa's. Justin and I have taught our kids "Jesus Paid It All" another one that just by hearing the intro, we immediately hear Grandpa singing. I treasure the fact that it is my girls favorite song. I actually, have it on a Passion CD that is currently playing in the van and, ironically, just tonight as we were driving back from football practice it came on and I turned the volume way up and we all belted out from the top of our lungs, "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain he washed me white as snow, Oh PRAISE THE ONE WHO PAID MY DEBT AND RAISED THIS LIFE UP FROM THE DEAD....." It was a sweet moment worshipping Jesus with my children. Tears flowed down my face as I thought of how Justin and I are striving to instill Jesus and the Gospel into our children, just like Grandpa instilled it in me. I'd like to think that Grandpa was there worshipping with us, knowing that the seeds he planted in his daughter, my mom, have been fruitful in the generations to come. My children will never know Grandpa, as he passed away almost 4 years ago when Jed was only 2, but I hope to pass on the passion that he had for worshipping our wonderful Savior.