Friday, October 30, 2009

Texas Football

It isn't any secret that Texas is serious about football, which makes this family fit right in here in Dallas. I know my next door neighbors can hear Justin yelling during a Cowboy game (Several years ago I gave up trying to tell him that they can't hear him through the tv--that didn't go over very well...and it's not "we" if it were "we'd" be a lot richer--don't tell these things to your husband, especially during a game); Jed will do any amount of homework to get to play Maddin '10, can tell you any statistic of any player who played this past weekend, and lives for his 4 hour intense practices plus a game each week; and Judson who doesn't go anywhere without a Cowboy jersey and his helmet. One would think that we were born and bred in Texas. Like I said, we fit right in.
Well, tonight as I as dropping Justin off for his last Varsity football game at Wylie Prep (he was the Jr. High coach and got to help coach the varsity team) we noticed a team having a bit of a pep rally. As we drove closer we see that it is the Colts from Jed's league. The Colts were undefeated last year, won the superbowl, and had been undefeated until the Steelers (Jed's team) dismantled them earlier this season. This DEVASTED the Colts. We later beat them again in overtime. Thus, bringing them their only 2 losses in 2 years.....needless to say, they don't care for the Steelers too much! Tomorrow, we (the Steelers) meet up with the Colts again for the third time this season. As we drove by the pavillion we see that the Colts have huge banners stating the how great they are and how they are going to win tomorrow...then we see it--a stuffed steeler hanging by its neck from the roof of the pavillion. Oh, let me tell you that got my blood pumpin'! I said, "Jed do you see that....boy you better get your game on tomorrow, you will NOT let that team beat you guys!" We drop Justin off, then turn around (it was much too cold and wet for me to be out there when one of my own wasn't playing) and I pull over and make Jed and Blakley hop out and take pics of them with my phone. I texted them to our coach--to get his blood boiling like mine is. He asks if I was sure it was a "steeler lynching" and not just a football pinata-yes, sir, I do believe it was a steeler lynching.

I have several emotions going through me about this--here are my top 2:
1) Seriously, these boys are THIRD GRADERS ya'll, let's not teach them to be so mean, angry, competitve so early in life--let them play some football and have a good time--they're not being scouted out just yet (except we ARE in Texas, so I could be wrong on this one)
2) Out of the other side of my mouth--I say, boy if you guys are going to go to that much trouble because you are so distraught about losing to us twice--then BRING IT ON COLTS~ we are ready for you!!! (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention at Tuesdays practice who showed up and practiced right next to us--the Colts. Jed said that coach changed practice so we wouldn't work on any offense since the Colts stooped low enough to practice next to them to steal our plays....) ahh, my blood is still boilin'!
Come on guys it is just football~I'll let you know how the game turns out:)


Here's the secret spy shots me and Jed got--I felt a little sneaky, but I just couldn't believe it, no that you can even tell b/c we were shaking (from the cold and shock of it all! ) If you look super carefully in the middle you can see the doll hanging from the roof....crazy!