Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That's Just What I do

It is 7:40 am. I got Jed off to school, the girls a poptart, and my one year old is strutting around in an almost too full diaper (and I think I am starting to smell a stinky in it) BUT instead of getting him the tub--which is the plan-- I had to first go on Webkinz.com and feed Freddy. Freddy is Jed's virtual frog. We got him and my nephew one. They are stuffed animals that you register on this website then it is your, ( I mean the child's) responsibility to earn money to decorate his room, keep him happy, and his tummy full. Well, the past few days when Jed goes to get on the website, it is down, so this morning as he's running out the door to the neighbors house (my WONDERFUL neighbor takes him to school for me!) he looks up at me with the sweetest blue eyes that look just like his Daddy's and says, "Mommy, I think Freddy might be dead. How long can a frog last without eating?" So, what do I do? The front door shuts, I jump on the computer and feed Freddy breakfast. I'm not sure he liked my choice of granola cereal, as Jed likes to feed him what he would like to eat, but at least he is not dead! Hey, I'm a mom, that's just what I do.

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

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Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

A VIRTUAL frog? Now that is my kind of pet! This cracked me up.