Monday, September 22, 2008

Wondering Where I've Been???

I did it, I really did it...after months of using my husbands, I finally have my own...I joined FaceBook. I have been avoiding it because I know how much blogging I do and others that I read takes up so much of my day, I knew if I added facebook (or if you are cool you refer to it as fb) I would be sucked in...and I am. I have already caught up with so many old friends. Do you know how good it feels to look at your "friends" and see that number grow bigger...silly but it is quite the confidence builder! I am seriously going to have to put a time limit on my "fb"ing like my kids time limit for tv...but I don't think that will be long enough...
So, if you don't hear from me in awhile check out my fb page, and if you are not my friend yet, I'd love for you to be :)

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