Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Edgar Home Tour

I did not participate in BooMama's Tour of Homes, but here is a tour of my home after Christmas--notice there is not any pics of the outside of my house because our Christmas lights are still up....I know it bugs me too! :) Most of my presents this year were to decorate my house. Money and gift cards were all used for the house decor. I still have a lot I want to do, but a little at a time, huh?!? My most practical gift I asked for was my dustbuster--this is a MUST HAVE for every house with kids--I use it constantly! And the kids like to use it as well--a great thing to have! I wish I had a before pic of the playroom--you gotta love IKEA, we spent a good part of New Year's Day there. The kids are in no hurry to ever go back!
Enjoy the pics, if your ever in the neighborhood, stop by for a Diet Coke!


Mom22Boyz said...

I love it!! The game room is awesome! So organized! Looks like you've got room for all that Rescue Hero stuff now! :) Love your cross wall, the curtains, and the big "E". Fun, fun!

laura said...

what a beautiful home! also, we enjoyed ya'lls cute christmas card =) one question- where did you get your the black coffee table, we have been searching for something just like that?

Danette said...

Laura, do you remember our white coffee table in Lbk? That is it! I spray painted it black. Justin got that TV with money from his b-day and last Christmas (he was supposed to buy a gun with it!) and we looked everywhere for a stand that would fit my "decor" finally, Justin realized the coffee table (which no one bought at our garage sale) was a perfect fit! I found some cute stuff at Hobby Lobby as far as black furniture, but thought it was kinda also has some nice black stuff. Hope you guys are doing well!