Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doin' It

Ok, this might be way too much information for anyone who is reading this, but it was too funny to me and Justin to not get it down in writing.
Last week my mom was here, we took the kids to Bounce Town to burn off some energy. On the way there, out of no where, Jed asks, "Mom, do you know what sex is?" Grandma starts giggling, my mind races to figure out the correct way to respond, "Well, yes, what do you know about it?"
"Well, ____ talks about it to _____ at school."
"What does _____ say about it?"
"Mrs. Ivy said that we don't talk about it at school."

Ok, so mental note to tell Justin about this and give him a heads up that this particular subject is definitely his territory.

Fast forward a week. Last night we let the kids camp out on our floor (they think this is really cool) Jed also lost is front top tooth yesterday, so he was anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy to come, and therefore, had trouble falling asleep. Justin and I were fighting to stay awake, because if we fell asleep before Jed the toothfairy would certainly NOT come. So, we are watching Jay Leno and he is telling this joke about Hillary and Barrack--and shows this scene of the waist down of two people and underwear falls to the ground. All of a sudden, Jed asks, "Is that sex?"

Whoa...suddenly our sleepiness goes away. Justin sits up, has Jed come up and sit with us in bed. Justin does this incredible job of telling Jed that sex is something that God created for Mommies and Daddies to share their love and ultimately glorify God.....(of course, I am fighting off the giggles)... he explains that as he gets older that Daddy will share more of what it is, and that it is not something we talk about with our friends, if he wants to talk about it or has questions about it to talk to Daddy...Jed is nodding his head quickly. Justin explains that when Mommy and Daddy's door is shut and Jed wants to come in that we are "sharing our love" and that is why Daddy gets mad at him, that he needs to wait until we are done...
It gets quiet, then Jed asks, "so what if when we move to another house and your door doesn't have a lock on it, and you and mommy are...doin' it?"
Justin and I can't hold it in..we lose it. Justin assures Jed that he does not need to worry about that. And off Jed goes back to his sleeping bag to wait for the toothfairy.
Oh my gosh, where did he learn the term "doin' it"? And, when did he get so big that we are having these conversations with him?
Wow, our little boy is growing up way too fast. Our prayer and hope is that he will come to us with any questions he has about everything and not look to his buddies for answers. I just didn't know it would happen so soon. Lord, help us to be prepared for this parenting thing!


The Joys of having Boys said...

Oh, My!! LOL! I have not had that conversation, yet. That is too funny. I think ya'll did well with the explanation though.

Mom22Boyz said...

OK -- so my boys can't hang out with Jed anymmore!! He is WAY too advanced for them!!

Mommy of 3 in Lubbock said...

If it makes you feel any better, I learned about it from a girl down the street when I was also in 1st grade. Thankfully, I went to my parents and got some better information. Scary - I'm not too far behind you so I may be asking for advice soon.

Random Thoughts Tracy said...

I'm finding these kids knowing and doing things WAY faster than I want or anticipate!