Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lyrics and Such

I've posted about them before, and I'm doing it again. Tonight was the Country Music Awards. I grew up watching these. The only music allowed in my house was country. Back then there was no "Christian" music on the radio--except Stryper...and for sure that head banging stuff wouldn't have been allowed. Country Music is and will always be part of me. My kids enjoyed it being on as well. Judson would come in dance with a goofy look on his face, the girls LOVED the dresses and even Jed had a few comments in there. He said (while Kenney Chesney was singing)<, "Mom, that guy has "son" in all his songs--When the Sun Goes Down and this one too." Yup, he's one of my smart ones.
Speaking of Kenny, the song he sang goes like this, "everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody want to go now." As the song ended Jadyn and Jed argued about what he was saying. Jadyn says, "Mom, tell Jed that the song says everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody want to go to the pound". Jed then says, "No Jadyn, it's nobody wants to go to hell". I just start giggling...How sweet that she thinks nobody wants to go to the pound!
This brought back memories of when I would get lyrics wrong (I know Justin--I still do) but when I was Jadyn's age I was sure that it was Kevin who came down and glory filled my soul, instead of Heaven that came down to fill my soul with mother like daughter!

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Justin said...

Very cute! I am surprised that Jadyn, our little theologian, didn't get that one right - ha ha.