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Good Bye 2007

Taking a que from my sister, here is the Edgar's life in 2007. Davedda did it so she doesn't forget, I am doing it out of guilt that I do not have any up to date scrap books, poor Judson, not even a baby book yet....there's a resolution for me!

JANUARY: Justin always went with our youth group skiing over the break. This year, he took Jed and Blakley with him. After a ton of hours in the van to get from Albuquerque to Lubbock because of a HUGE snowstorm, they made it about 6 hours before they got back on the road to come back up north on to Colorado. The kids loved skiing, Blakley was, of course, a natural. But the best part for them was the hot chocolate and spending quality time with Daddy!
Blakley turned 4 on the 23rd. We took cupcakes to "school" and had a special lunch with Mommy and Daddy.
Justin began Seminary at Westminster Theological Seminary in Dallas. Over the course of the semester he traveled to Dallas a few times a month to take classes. Still new and exciting, the wear and tear hasn't effected the family yet!
Justin's mom received results about her thyroid. She will have to have her thyroid removed.
Continued homeschooling Jed...

FEBRUARY: Justin was out of town 13 days for seminary classes and planning team meetings for Fun in the Son Camp in Padre. Trips to the Science Spectrum with Jess and Ami,Kids Night Out at Church, Covenant Meeting with the girls, Couples Small Group, and Bunco filled up the month while Justin was in and out. My Nanny turned 80.
Oh, the funnest adventure was "Girls in the Know"! Many of us wives "suffer" through Fantasy Football, well, this is for us girls--a fantasy league with celebrities. We drafted our celebrities at Leslie and Brenna's and saw sides of our friends that we had never seen before! :) What fun it was, I had Justin Timberlake and through him I took a strong second--only because Jess had that rapper dude with those ring tones....:)
Went to see Beth Moore simulcast at a local church--much needed revival...
Blakley continued with ballet lessons at the community center.

MARCH: March began relaxing with a massage! If I was rich I'd have one at least once a month--so worth it! We celebrated Ami's baby shower and the coming of little Gracelyn. Justin was again back and forth to Dallas, Spring Break Mission Trip to New Orleans. And on an extremely sad note, we witnessed a heartbreaking loss of a father and husband to a dear family in our church. No other death has affected me as much as this one did, we were certain God was going to heal him, ultimately He did, but to see a wife and children without their father/husband is heart wrenching.
Jadyn turned 3 on the 9th, we celebrated with a party at Jumpin' Jungle for both the girls with all their friends--much fun!
Put our house on the market...a move to Dallas was inevitable, as the traveling has taken its toll on Justin, Danette and the kiddos.
Justin discovers Providence Community Church in Plano. His first visit and knows this is where we will be serving when we move to Dallas.
Lots more trips to the Science Spectrum, library, Chic-Fil-A, and McDonalds to pass time while Daddy is away.
My mom is still going through many tests and different doctors to find out what is wrong with her.

APRIL: Justin was in Dallas a lot! We filled the month with: Tuesday School, Jed getting tested for Speech Services, Children's Choir at Church, Science Spectrum, Jumpin'Jungle, Small Group, Weight Watchers, and keeping the house picked up (as much as possible with 4 kiddos!)and way too many hours on the internet looking at houses in the DFW area. At the end of the month the kids and I traveled to Albuquerque. I dropped off the kiddos at my wonderful in-laws and my mom and I spent the weekend at Living Proof Live Conference with Beth Moore. We were privileged "greeters" which gave us first row seats. Beth was literally in my face at one point during her first session....exciting and again, much needed personal revival! Still didn't know what was going on with my mom, but she was a trooper and did great for the weekend of early morning and late nights!

MAY: Dead Day and Finals week at Tech was emotional for Justin--last pancake breakfast, having to say goodbye to many students who were going home or on missions for the summer. Goodbye parties started early...
Jed finished up kindergarten--not sure how I did as a home school teacher--:)
Jed turned 6 on the 12th--celebrated with Will Mitchell at the Mitchell's with a Spiderman party--
Justin's aunt passed away and his Grandmother had a big birthday. Unfortunately, they happened too close together.
Went to see Dr. Lawrence on last time--amazing how attached you get to your ob/gyn, I've convinced myself to travel to Lubbock once a year to keep him as my doctor!
FINALLY, Mom is diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. A blessing to know what it is, and now chemo begins...through it all Mom and Dad were incredible.
Graduation and goodbye parties filled up the month--oh, and I think there was a juice fast in there some where! :)

JUNE: Crash Course in Hodgkins Lymphoma and chemo. Lots of internet searching and praying, and another study through "Believing God" but this time with a whole different perspective.
More dinners, lunches and playdates with friends, squeezing in as much "friend" time as possible, more keeping the house picked up and my last Bunko--appropriately at the Barron's.
VBS filled a half a week, then me and the kiddos trekked back to Albuquerque. Again, my wonderful in-laws took the kiddos, and I met Justin in Dallas to house hunt--Stayed with the Moores--our pastor and his family. Had a great time, rained the whole weekend, and found our house--yippee!. Back to Albuquerque, to spend some quality time with my parents, and my sister and Colby. Celebrated Mom's 60th, Dad's 62nd, and their 36 or 37th? anniversary (yes, all this happens on the same day every year--and on the 13th!)Judson gets some major spoiling with all his grandparents!
Justin preached his last sermon at WPC and a staff party followed--bitter sweet....

JULY: the big month, we are moving whether the house sells or not, but not to fear, an offer comes in and the timing is PERFECT--isn't God incredible?!? Schedule the Uhaul, set date for garage sale and FINALLY, the house can be a mess again! This is when you know your tried and true friends. Barron's, Mitchell's, Holtzman's all sacrificed lots of time to help pack, babysit kiddos, and take down a swing set. (Same one they put together 3 years prior)The take apart swing-set cookout is one of my best memories, I think because I purposefully tried to remember details. Ami and Kristen packed the girls room, Brooke and I got dinner ready, Holtzman grilled, and the guys did the manly stuff with the big tools! Holtzman's also announced the comming of Holtzman Baby #2!!!
We scheduled to pick up the Uhaul in Clovis because it was $300 cheaper then picking it up in Lubbock. When I called to confirm they said that Clovis did not have the size we needed, but would be getting a phone call where the closest place was to pick it up. Low and behold, the closest place to pick it up was in Lubbock--again a reminder who is in control! What a blessing. Another blessing was my wonderful mother-in-law came down the weekend of the move and worked her tail off--cleaning and packing and taking care of kiddos. Don't know what I'd have done without her.
By the grace of God, SEVERAL friends, a last minute jaunt to the Uhual place at 5:00 Sunday night to get the biggest trailor to pull behind the biggest Uhaul we are loaded and ready to go. Sleep deprivation (and Jadyn puking all night -- as we slept on the floor of our empty house one last night--nothing to clean throw up up with was a little blessing as I could somewhat keep it together as we closed on our house, said good bye to Kristen and pulled out of Lubbock--yes, I sang "I thought Happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rearview mirror, but my momma kept calling me home..." Get to Wylie (oh yeah, Brian locked the keys to Justin's car in the trunk, spare set packed we left without him) a crew from Providence is waiting to unload us--another blessing. Got unloaded, pizzas ordered and everyone fed my nightfall. We are here, a new beginning...bummer all 4 kids threw up all night our first night--no towels unpacked, no washing maching hooked up, Edgar's make sure everything we do is memorable :)

I turned 32 somewhere in there!

AUGUST:Justin took his first Greek class....every morning...his practicing at home was humorous for the rest of us! Unpacking and getting settled was how we spent the month. Meeting neighbors, and getting to know my way around.... Back to Lubbock for Whitney and Andrew's wedding, Blakley was flower girl and Justin did part of the ceremony.
Jed started public school...getting into the groove
Spent Labor Day weekend with Wes and Jama and their family. Then spent the night in Ft. Worth went to the museum and Stock Yards--really fun, but what is up with the humidity!?!?!?
Blakley started playing soccer--a natural.
Jed started playing football--a passion has been born!
J and I celebrated our 12th anniversary, and J turned 36!

SEPTEMBER: School, soccer, football, community group, church....this is what we did.
Justin had a small stint working at UPS, but the 3:30 mornings were too much on him and the family.

OCTOBER: Judson turned one on the 13th!!! A small cookout we had with a few friends to celebrate Judsy-BOys 1st b-day. Not walking yet...doesn't like to eat, didn't care much for his b-day cake!
Scool, soccer, football, community group, church, and Halloween! Halloween brought Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, and the Cowardly Lion, and Harry Potter to the Edgar Household. Good old Trick or Treating was in full force in our neighborhood, we hung out in our front yard with neighbors and enjoyed the warm fall weather. Kids had a blast.
Justin started working at FedEx--great job, just gone every evening--no family dinners....

NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving took us to Abeline for the annual Blakley/Marshall/Edgar Thanksgiving Getaway. This is where we all meet at this suite hotel, hang out, eat this amazing dinner that we didn't have to cook or clean up and sit around and catch up with everybody. This year we got several inches of snow, unfortunately, nobody brought their snow gear to play in it! We took a family portrait--guess there can't be anymore additions to the family for awhile! :)

DECEMBER: Results are in: No cancer cells can be found in my mom's body! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus for healing mom.
Wow, already Christmas--we stayed in Wylie, my parents came--it was great! Laid back, no traveling with kiddos, presents,...nice. Just missed rest of the family.

Wow, that was a long year--lots of things happened--lots of life lived. Lots of changes took place. God has blessed.

Happy New Year!

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