Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shooshi and Nachos

Great news~Judson slept ALL NIGHT! He has been hit and miss with this for a few months now, however, as soon as we start to see a pattern, we do something crazy like go out of town. Easter--out of town, and sure enough--up at 2am every morning. Now, in 2 days we are leaving town again--so I am kind of distraught about leaving. However, I didn't mention that ALL 4 kiddos are going to my in-laws for 4 DAYS!!! Which kinda makes me think, oh well, I will get to sleep all night for 4 DAYS regardless if Judson does or not, and my wonderful mother-in-law will get to experience 2am feedings again!

Unfortunately, I did not get to sleep all night even though Judson did. You see, I think God didn't think I needed a full night's sleep last night. Blakley woke up at 4:30 puking. Got her all situated then Jadyn woke up because the closet light had been turned off, after I layed down with her for awhile, Blakley was up again--this time both ends. A great start to my day. Too bad someone always has to get sick on School Day. Blakley got to hang with Mommy today. After I explained to her that I wasn't sure she was really sick or if the Sushi Daddy had given her last night was what made her tummy not feel good, she was convinced it was the SHOOSHI that made her sick.

Blakley has a wonderful vocabulary for being only 4 years old. Occasionally, she says things like, "Mommy, can I wear my Nachos today?" I desperately tried to figure out what outfit she has that looks like nachos, smells like nachos, has had nachos spilled on it....after MANY questions, I realize it is her favorite pair of pants --gauchos!

So, Blakley here's to you and your Shooshi and your Nachos! I hope you feel better, baby and sleep ALL NIGHT tonight!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tunnel Rat does it....

My son goes through phases about as often as our family of 6 goes through toilette paper. I think it started with Buzz Lightyear when he was 2 years old. EVERYTHING was Buzz. He dressed like Buzz, talked like Buzz....then on to Spiderman, next was Batman, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Hans Solo (don't even know if that's how you spell it), Darth Vader, Spider Man again, Batman again, Jack Sparrow, Ninja Turtles (thanks a lot McDonald's!) and now G.I. Joe. Today, he is Tunnel Rat--whoever that is. I find myself no longer worrying if who he is pretending to be is a good guy or a bad guy, because I know tomorrow it will be on to a new character. There was a time that I stressed over Jed wanting to be a bad guy, or even worse wanting a figurine that was one of the bad guys. I particularly remember a conversation with Justin about this. I was very distraught over Jed's begging for a Green Goblin Figure at Target. He assured me that it was fine for Jed to have the bad guys, because he had to have someone to fight and be a superhero for. (oh, the joys of boyhood) I realized that, even though I didn't like it, he DID need someone to conquer.

This afternoon, as I was feeding Judson, Jed came running in from the backyard with sweat dripping EVERYWHERE. He had that lovely sweaty boy smell, that could make you nautious if you got too close. He was in shorts and a t-shirt, but also adorned a camoflauge ski mask and spy glasses. Mind you, it is over 80 degrees here in Lubbock today. As I stared at him for the split second he ran through the living room, I yelled out something to the effect of --"JEEEDDD". His response, "Mom, Tunnel Rat does it!" (whoever THAT is!)

Never a dull moment at the Edgar House!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Half Birthday

Today is Judson's 1/2 year birthday. At 6:13 this evening he turned 6 months old. The kids and I sang to him, although, he just looked at us with his sweet eyes and sly grin like we were all nuts. Justin called around 5:45 to check up on us and I immediately assumed he was calling to wish his baby a happy 1/2 birthday, he too thought I was nuts. Grandma actually did call just to wish him a Happy 1/2 Birthday, so I am not the only one who is nuts! (So, I guess you could say that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree ?!?!) If I could learn to post pics, I would put an adorable picture of him in his "Johnny Jumper" laughing while holding his favorite ball. He has this ball with these holes all in it that he has become very attached to. It now goes everywhere with him. I have to pry it out of his hands when I am changing his clothes. He loves that thing. I actually put it in his crib last night--just within reaching distance for him---AND he slept ALL NIGHT!!! When I went in to get him this morning he had his grip on that colorful ball. So, YES, the ball is in there with him again tonight, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is his "security blanket" that will help him sleep (at least 10 hours a night!!!). Happy Birthday my sweet precious baby, Mommy loves you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Life goes by...

Not that I am one to have ever been known for having it all together, under control or even, dare I say, stable....I feel like I am (at least today) somewhat together. Saying that, things are sure to start falling apart. However, I have a new found urge to post on my blog (yes, it's been a LONG time) It seems like so much has happened, yeah, I know, it's called... life! A quick and incredible vague recap of our life in the past 6-8 months includes:
  • the birth of our 4th child. Judson Alexander was born on October 13th, 2007.
  • my grand plan to have my son attend a University Model School came to a screeching halt when he was not accepted...which led to him being homeschooled full time, by me. This in and of itself should have its very own blog, but I might get in trouble with the Homeschooling gods or something when I bare my soul and confess my, sometimes, unprofessional teacher role.
  • Our family is uprooting! If you know us, you are giggling, because uprooting would be considered an oxymoron for us since we really haven't stayed anywhere long enough to have roots to be upllifted! We have moved a ton, but this is the longest we've been somewhere (4 years), thankfully because I LOVE our city. Justin has accepted a scholarship to attend seminary full time instead of classes here and there while trying to hold down his sometime 60 hour a week job as college minister at our church. We will be moving to the Dallas area when our house sells. Jed believes the whole reason we are moving is so that Daddy can go to his Cowboy games and not have to watch them on TV. This is a bittersweet move, as I have INCREDIBLE friends here, the kids have great friends, and we love the people at our church. But God has evidently called us to do this, and we are VERY excited to see how He is going to provide during these next few years.
  • I am way too excited for a new house with more than one toilette!!! That too could be a blog by itself--life with 4 kids, 2 parents, 1 dog and 1 toilette! Therefore, I spend most of my precious free time looking for houses in DFW and dreaming of living in a particular house, becoming best friends with the neighbor who just happens to have kids the same age as mine and just how perfect life will be if we could live there----if you haven't figured it out yet, I am a HUGE dreamer!!!
  • With the arrival of Judson, we purchased a mini-van. This is kinda embarrassing, but I LOVE the van!!! I'd always thought I'd be a Suburban girl, but the Mini-van is so perfect for our little family. All I wanted was automatic sliding doors and a DVD player--I got it and I can even start the engine from inside the house with the remote--way cool for cold mornings to get the heater going! Funny how as you grow up your ideas change. Before kids, Justin and I laughed hysterically at anyone who had or mentioned maybe possibly getting a mini-van. Oh yeah, and homeschooling--are you kidding, we would NEVER homeschool, we wanted our kids to be accepted and popular--not nerdy homeschoolers! Here we are 5 years later and yes, I am a proud owner of one mini-van and one incredibly cute homeschooler!

Well, now that I am back I will post more interesting stuff. My favorite blog to read is "In the Midst of It" and she has given me back my bug for the blog! Thanks Sarah!

good night!