Sunday, December 23, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Blessings

Sunday afternoons are usually my alone time to grocery shop or run anywhere I would like to by myself. Yesterday, Justin played football after church and I brought the kids home for lunch and down for naps. I patiently waited for J to come home so that I could run to Old Navy. We are doing a family portrait with my side of the family over Thanksgiving, and what better reason to buy everyone a new shirt?!?! By the time he got home, it was 4:00 so I decided to forego Old Navy and go straight to Walmart for a few groceries and to look at their ballet flats--my sister gave me a heads up about that one. I was reminded that I am on a budget and cannot run out and buy new shoes and 6 new shirts on a whim, so here's what I did. I have had a return to Old Navy for awhile now, so I justified my new shirt then I got online and printed a coupon off for an even better deal. Then for my shoes, I have had a handful of gift cards that have been sitting in my wallet with incredibly small amounts on them (I just forget to use them--one had 16 cents on it!) I got online and looked up the gift card numbers. I added up all the cards and had almost $11.00! So, there you go, I just about paid for the shoes! So, as you can see, I was chomping at the bit to get going and get my new stuff.

Justin finally got home (mind you, he could barely walk. A 36 year old man who rarely exercises and has a bad knee, should know that he can't hang 3 hours with the young fellas on the field) I helped him wrap his bad knee and opposit hamstring with ice packs and headed off to Walmart.

I have my shoes in the basket with my other essentials on my list and am looking at black shirts for Jed and my phone rings. By the time I dig it out of my purse, I have to call Justin back. He picks up and says, "You are going to have to come home now."

My heart stops, "Why?"

"Jed's been hurt and it's bad."

"Bad enough that we need to go to the hospital?"

"Yeah, maybe"

"OK, should I leave my basket or go pay?"

"Leave it."

Then he hangs up! No more details.

My head starts spinning, I start shaking, and my mind (you know that mind of mine) starts imagining horrible things. Prayers start flowing.

As I make it home in record time of 7 minutes, I am thinking I will find ambulances in the driveway. No ambulances, just all the neighbors and kids. Justin is holding Jed.

Finally, I get to him, praise God he is breathing (because you know my imagination).

I get the story: He was riding the neighbor's razor scooter and fell off on our sidewalk (no helmet) split his head above his right eye, at the hair line. Apparently, when Justin called it had been gushing. There is a trail of blood up the sidewalk to our front door. By the time I got there he had stopped frieking out and the bleeding was under control. After I cried and held him awhile, thanking God over and over, he asked if he could go play football with his friends. So, for the next 30 minutes he played, blood dripping down his forehead.

After I bathed him and got it all cleaned up we saw it was much deeper than we first thought, so I call the 24 hour nurse, who tells us we need to go in, so Justin and Jed head to the ER at 9:30pm. After I get the others settled into bed and all is quiet, I breathe.

How thankful I am for my 4 kids, yes, we are blessed--4 healthy kids, but even if they were sick we would still be blessed. I was reminded that God is good. Even if Jed had been seriously hurt that God is still good. I am thankful for this little reminder of how wonderful my children are. I have been short with them this week, not very loving or fun. I need to stop and think before I speak to them in a harsh tone. I want them to know how much I love them by the way I treat them. The season is starting when we will be rushed and frazzled with all there is to do for the Holidays, but I will be mindful to stop and put my kids and their needs above picking up toys, sweeping up crumbs, nagging them to clean their rooms, and getting on them to hurry up. Life is good--the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am thankful for my little blessings!

By the way, Jed did great at the ER. They wanted to put in a few stitches, which would require a numbing shot in his forehead. J asked if they could possibly glue it together and they did. The neighbor across the street told him now he really did look like Harry Potter (who he was for Halloween) which got him all excited and now he is telling everyone he IS Harry Potter....

So, today I went back to Walmart. I went to get another pair of shoes and had to settle on a different pair, I just couldn't believe someone else wanted my shoes. So, I decided to walk back where I left my basket last night and guess what? It was still there with all my stuff in it! (Luckily I didn't have milk or meat in it!) How long do they let those baskets sit unattended? Hmmm... Anyway, I got all excited and switched out my shoes~yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ok, so this isn't going to be about a "MySpace" account, but it is about My Personal Space. I am typically not a touchy, feely person so I guess you could say I like my personal space. Today, at Turbo Kick Class we had a few new women there. (disclaimer: this is great, I want new people to commit to exercising and getting healthier) Unfortunately, these 2 women-one right in front of me and one to the right of me, had no clue how to follow directions. You really ARE supposed to follow the instructions of the teacher. If she tells you to move up with your front kicks, then guess what--MOVE UP! I was constantly right on these womens rears. It started to drive me nuts....What then got me really frusterated is that one had no idea that she was not doing it. She did not even look like she was trying to do the moves--she literally danced around in her own little world. Now I'm all for dancing around and being in the "groove", but don't come to a choreographed class to do this--it will just get you lots of dirty looks and people like me running over you because I am so focused on the teacher, I am not paying attention to those around me. My hour at the gym is MY time to decompress and focus on me--not what is going on around me, I do that the other 17 hours of my day! I really do hope these women continue their workouts, hopefully they will start to understand that it is a class, not a dance session.
If you read this, thanks for letting me vent, if you can't tell I'm a bit "pms-y", but now I feel better and tomorrow at Turbo Kick, I will look around before I pick where I am going to stand (which is a bummer, because I have "my space" on the floor, and would hate to give that up!)
Happy Exercising Everyone!

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Next Adonirom Judson

These pictures say it all.

Daddy wanted to name him Adonirom Judson after the missionary. I couldn't bring myself to calling my son "Adonirom". Afterall, he wanted to name Jed (Jedidiah) that 6 years ago, and I was completely against it then because A.)I couldn't even pronounce it and 2.) who names their kid Adonirom??? So, when we found out #4 was a boy, he again started in on the name Adonirom. (I don't even know if I am spelling that correctly.) He reread his biography and had me read it as well, and I have to admit I was tempted after reading about his life and the impact he had on so many by taking the Gospel across the world. But still, in the year 2007--Adonirom....? So, we settled on Judson and his middle name would be Alexander after my Grandpa whose life was an example of Christ as well.

This morning after I checked my email in Justin's office (which is FULL of all his seminary books and 10 years of books from being in ministry) I turned around and found my little Judson Alexander doing a little light reading from "The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology". I think we named him correctly! :)

Happy Friday ya'll! Hope you will be able to do a little light reading of your own soon!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween Pics

We love Halloween!

You can see all our Halloween Photos here:

and here:

Shall We Lay Hands On It?

When I was in high school our school purchased a brand new bus with our walk-a-thon money. This was a big deal, I went to a small private school--which I loved and am very thankful for all the sacrifices my parents made in order for me and Davedda to be able to go--Go Hope Huskies!--it was quite a fancy bus. Being as I played volleyball, basketball, and softball, I personally spent a lot of time on the school bus--many late nights driving back from small Indian Reservations where those girls would run us into the ground. Anyway, not long after we got this brand spanking new bus it was torched! We all arrived at school one day to find the shell of this bus a crispy, charcoal mess. We were all outraged--how could this happen.....Long story, but the school was later able to get another bus, but this time the whole school went outside during chapel and laid hands on the bus (we had a charismatic principal!) To my knowledge, that bus is still taking the Huskies to far away games.
Fast Forward 12-14 years....I was reminded of this today as I was driving home from Walmart. Our mini-van has begun to have some issues. A little over a week ago, the alarm started going off in the garage--mind you I was just getting out of it and it kinda startled me! Later that night we were at football practice and I was getting the stoller out of the back and again the alarm started going off--randomly, it went off throughout the hour and a half practice. I tried everything--resetting the locks, alarm, locking it with the key only..this van had sprouted a mind of its own. I knew Justin wouldn't believe me, he thinks I imagine the cooky stuff that happens around here (a lot of kooky stuff happens with us) but it began doing it with him as well that weekend. Then the rear air decided that it should be on full blast all the time no matter what number I have it set at. The poor girls are either blown away with hot air or cold air. Friday I got a great spot at the gym-right in front of the door. As I was getting my towel and water, still sitting in the front seat, the alarm and hazard lights started going off. EMBARASSING, so what do I do? I give up my perfect spot and go park far, far away and hike us into the gym. Same thing at the doctors office Friday afternoon (Judson is sick--possibly the flu, but it was too early to tell the dr. said) as the alarm was ringing and the lights were flashing Jed says to another mom in the waiting room--"yup, that's our van". Again, EMBARRASSING! I've had 2 appointments to take it in, however, with Justin's new job and school, I am dragging my feet because I don't want to be at the dealership all day with 3 kiddos and they won't give me a as I was driving home from Walmart, I remembered the school bus we laid hands on and thought........worth a try! I doubt my husband will go for it though!
So, if you hear an alarm going off--it's probably just me!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


My sister says it all, nothing more I can add. Please read about our mom at

Have a great weekend folks!

Oh yeah, guess what is now up and functioning in my backyard....a great swingset!!! Thanks guys for spending your Saturday morning at the Edgar's house my kids and I are truly grateful :) It only took an hour and a half--boy the more it gets moved the faster it becomes to put back together, or maybe the poor swingset was tired of being in pieces all over the yard that it helped put itself together :) Anyways, just glad it's up and now my creative mind is working for some shade back there....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Being "Deceptive" Sinful, Even When It's Delicious?

Hey there all, I know it's been a couple of weeks, and I have a ton to update everyone on, like Judson's first b-day; figuring out how to get my husband to do all my "honey-do's"--just give him a big test the next day and he will do pretty much anything I want him too to keep from studying. EXCEPT put up a swing set in 40 degrees pouring rain and 30 mph winds. But everything else that has been lingering since moving here is pretty much done--except a few boxes in a closet I need to go through. My sister will be very happy to know that a certain picture is now hung across from the coat closet and it looks good! Both cars are now in the garage--that was one I wasn't even counting on! Bikes are hung on hooks and off season clothes are tucked away in the attic--yesterday was quite productive for my hubs! Late last night and all morning has been spent crashing for his test--luckily J thrives on deadlines and getting things done at the last minute--I think it keeps him sharp!

Back to what I want to talk about--being deceptive but delicious! I am a Fair Weather Oprah fan--particularly when Dr. Oz is on-I am there, any other time--not so much. Anyway, Dr. Oz and Jessica Seinfeld were on a few weeks ago promoting her new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious". Basically, she was tired of hounding her kids to eat their veggies--ME TOO! So, she created these recipes that have pureed vegetables in them and no one is the wiser--I had to get my hands on this book! Walmart was sold out so, off to Target I went and grabbed the last one. The next Sunday I had my list in tow and off to the grocery store I went. I was buying veggies I didn't even know what they looked like! Luckily they were labeled! After the kids were tucked away in bed and snoring sweetly, I got to work--steaming, roasting then pureeing. Labeling 1/2 cup portions in zip locks, freezing a lot for later use and refrigerating those I would use that first week. Monday came the test--grilled cheese with butternut squash--guess what? They ate it right up! Brownies have been the biggest hit--with spinach and carrots! Two weeks into it and I am hooked! My family has eaten more veggies these two weeks than they've eaten in their lives! The recipes are good--brownies, blueberry lemon muffins, spaghetti pie, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, burgers, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes--all food that my kids love--but so much healthier. I'll tell you what, after making my own nuggets out of chicken breasts, I will be hard pressed to put another frozen nugget on their plates--talk about eye opening! (I know that is probably a no brainer--but still!)

So now, the wives in our Community Group at church are coming over on Sunday night and we are having a Pureeing Party--us mom's are on a mission to get our kids (and husbands!) to eat their veggies!

I highly recommend this cookbook, it also gives charts on what each vegetable is good for--what it does for your body and how much of each a child needs at their age. Very informative!

Ok, my girls have been running around in their undies for an hour --waiting to go through the "winter clothes" bucket from last year to see what still fits--if anything!

Happy Veggie Eating!

Oh yeah, and I have volunteered to host the Thanksgiving Feast for our playgroup at Church--therefore Justin has until November 17th to get the swing set up and running--because 31 kiddos just aint gonna do inside the house!!! (Hopefully, finals will begin about then :) )

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jesus Paid It All

I just finished reading my sisters blog ( and of course was bawling as soon as I read the title. As I was writing my comment--I ran out of room---so was going back to shorten it, my wonderfully, now mobile, but cute- as-ever, almost one year old pulled the power plug--so I had to reboot and figured I would just put my comments in my own blog (even though I have a ton of things I want to talk about) this is in the front of my brain right now.

Davedda talked about memories of our Grandpa singing. He was the worship leader at our church growing up (which would be the reason why my first duet with Chrissy Sciarrillo happened on stage at the First Baptist Church when I was like 7. And come to think of it--funny that I haven't been asked to sing since Grandpa has not been a worship leader, guess he heard only the good notes!) I also knew that "Kevin Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul" when I was like 3, much to my dismay I was later told that it wasn't Kevin, but Heaven that came down to fill my soul with Glory! Amen.

As soon as an old Hymn is playing my eyes (as well as my sister's, and I'm pretty sure my mom's) well up with tears. We immediately can hear Grandpa belting out the words (and many times a different word if the right word didn't come to him quick enough!) They are powerful memories of which partly define who I am today.

My sister reminenced over "How Great Thou Art" ~ a favorite of Grandpa's. Justin and I have taught our kids "Jesus Paid It All" another one that just by hearing the intro, we immediately hear Grandpa singing. I treasure the fact that it is my girls favorite song. I actually, have it on a Passion CD that is currently playing in the van and, ironically, just tonight as we were driving back from football practice it came on and I turned the volume way up and we all belted out from the top of our lungs, "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain he washed me white as snow, Oh PRAISE THE ONE WHO PAID MY DEBT AND RAISED THIS LIFE UP FROM THE DEAD....." It was a sweet moment worshipping Jesus with my children. Tears flowed down my face as I thought of how Justin and I are striving to instill Jesus and the Gospel into our children, just like Grandpa instilled it in me. I'd like to think that Grandpa was there worshipping with us, knowing that the seeds he planted in his daughter, my mom, have been fruitful in the generations to come. My children will never know Grandpa, as he passed away almost 4 years ago when Jed was only 2, but I hope to pass on the passion that he had for worshipping our wonderful Savior.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is my friend Kristen's birthday. Happy Birthday! It is not very often that you find a friend that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt will stand beside you no matter what. Kristen is that kind of friend. We met 4 1/2 years ago when we both moved to Lubbock. Her husband was the new youth director and my husband was the new college director at the church. She doesn't know this, but at first I was a bit intimidated by her. I was in need of new friends and a new start, had a 2 year old, a 5 month old and just found out we were expecting Jadyn, I was excited to move to Lubbock and make all these great new friends. Then I hear about Kristen. She had grown up in that same church, her parents were very active there and to top it all off, she supposedly had this amazing voice that Nancy Foster claimed gave you goosebumps whenever she would sing a special. Oh yeah, and she is beautiful! Instead of being excited about the possibility that we could be friends, I was jealous. Here I was the new staff wife, I was supposed to get the attention and they had to hire a youth guy whose wife was already "Miss Popular". Well, it did not take long at all for me to get over the jealousy and see Kristen for who she is. She is amazing. She is giving, kind, generous, funny, and all those other nice things people say about you. Serving in "ministry" together we were able to spend a lot of time together. I know I am a better wife because of her example. She is incredibly forgiving, she has been an example of Christ that floors me.

Kristen and I spent a weekend in Austin a few years ago. I don't think I have ever talked so much in my life, or grown so much in a 3 short days. I hope we will have more of those girl weekends.

One Christmas, our husbands were on a ski trip and we had a staff wives Christmas dinner. It started to snow--and the roads were really icy. I do not drive in snow--I'm a coward. So, I made her drive in a snowstorm 8 1/2 months pregnant and she is still my friend.

Kristen loves my family--not too many people can be friends with your whole family! She (and Josh) love our kids, care for our kids, and we love theirs. We have been priviledged to live in community with them the past 4 years. Now that we are in DFW area, we miss that community. Now we have to be intentional to spend time together. But that is ok.

Kristen is a hard worker--she sells Mary Kay, takes care of her Dad's business, and is a up and coming realtor. Yes, she was our realtor, and she had lots of patience when I would freak out over things. She was kind and bit her tongue when she probably wanted to tell me off about my dirty carpet, chipped base boards, or grass that desperately needed a good mow. (Oh yeah, and they are still friends with us after Justin broke her Dad's riding lawn mower!) She is a wife and a great mother.

She is one of my biggest supporters. She always encourages my crazy new ideas! She has stood by me during juice fasts, protein diets, working out and even joined Weight Watchers with me.

Most importantly, she challenges me and my walk with God, she prays for me, and she is not afraid to ask me the hard questions that I could easily do without. I love that we can cry with each other and for each other. I know my husband is thankful for her--he knows the value of friendship. I am thankful that he has that with Josh, her husband. They are not afraid to speak truth to us.

Kristen, I hope you have a great day today! I will miss taking you to lunch with the girls! Hope it is a fun and relaxing day!

Thank you for being my friend! I love you!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Wanna Be A Rockstar

My favorite new store--Steve and Barry's. I had heard about it on Oprah when Sarah Jessica Parker was introducing her new line of clothes and talking about them only being at Steve and Barry's. Living in Lubbock, I quickly dismissed the thought of actually ever being able to shop there. But now we are in the Big City! (well, not THE Big City, but the city nonetheless) And in the Big City you have opportunities that you don't have in small college towns--like cool new stores!

Last week the fam went to visit my father-in-law in Burlison, which is really far from where we live, so on the way home we stopped at a mall in Arlington and the first store we come to is Steve and Barry's. I immediately remember Oprah and Sarah Jessica Parker, but more importantly I remember that this store is extra special because--ready--NOTHING is over $20.00. The store has everything, all very hip, lots I'd never wear, but cute hip stuff.

I immediatly roll the stroller in and the rest of the crew follows, reluctantly, since we actually just stopped to grab some supper. And we (I mean I) go crazy! I'm already thinking of what I want to ask for for Christmas, vowing again to lose 30 lbs before the Holidays and also vowing that I will be a hip mom of 4 kids.

After 1 1/2 hours of trying on clothes, shoes, headbands, Texas Tech sweatshirts...we emerge, now STARVING. Justin bought me a pair of huge white sunglasses....very hip...very cool....something I'd never buy...enter the rockstar...

I LOVE these sunglasses--me and Sarah Jessica Parker---BFF wearing the same sunglasses, meeting for iced coffee at the corner Starbucks... laughing over the crazy things our kids did this morning, before we left them with the nanny to take them to their gymboree class....(remember I told ya I had quite the imagination!)

The first day I wore them I felt a little 'loud', but as I dropped Jed off at school, the air was crisp and the windows were down. The song "Rockstar" came on. I turned up the volume and sang as loud as I could. Thinking in my head that I was NOT in my workout clothes headed to the gym, NOT in a minivan with 3 kids laughing at me thinking their mom had gone nuts,....hence my love for the sunglasses blossomed.

Fortunately, I have satelite radio in the van, so whenever I need a quick pick me up, I can usually find "Rockstar" and don my celebrity sunglasses and in no time I am rockin' away...."I wanna be a rock star.....where we all stay skinny cuz we just won't eat......." (I really don't know all the words..probably a good thing I don't!)

Monday, September 17, 2007


Here are a few random thoughts that I've been thinking about posting but haven't had enough time, so in no particular order here it goes:

1. I have been FAITHFULLY working out the last 2 weeks--3 days a week of an hour of cardio (in my zone) and 2 days a week doing weights. I'm feeling pretty strong, even uped my weights, but somehow have gained 5 pounds....yeah yeah, muscle and fat...blah blah blah, but seriously, come on. So, today it is out with those carbs (that I could live on) and in with the protein. That means no more chocolate crock pot cake! (YUMM-O!) If you want the recipe to that check out and read the comments from her crock pot purchase! (baby bangs happens to be Amanda's blog --Beth Moores daughter.)

2. My son has used the term "nuts" to talk about his male parts. RED FLAG for public school--when I asked Jed if someone at school taught him that term he looked at me wierd and said, "No mom, Colby says it all the time." Thanks cuz! Did he learn it from public school or his great big brother?!?!?!

3. Call the scouts! Blakley is a soccer natural. She is AMAZING! I am not just being a proud mom either-- I promise. She scored 5 goals on Saturday. The coach (who for the record played soccer in COLLEGE) came up to me during the game wanting to know what drills I've been practicing with her at home--I laughed because the only sport that has been playing around here lately has been football. I told coach nothing, but would be open to some suggestions, and he replied that there are no drills to teach what she is doing, it is all natural--I then (being as Daddy was out of town) told him that she gets her athletic ability from me! She was stealing the ball from the opposite team and dribbling it ALL THE WAY down the field and scoring--it was awesome! She also had time (while on the field) to come to the sidelines and tell me that she and another player had made plans to go to the movies on Sunday after church--that's my girl!

4. Judson is into EVERYTHING! He is very curious since he figured out how to crawl. However, he cannot for the life of him figure out how to chew. He gags on the smallest of anything. Last night I fed him some of my mashed potatoes (see told ya I love carbs) and he started "choking" on a TINY piece of potato, that when finally came up I easily smooshed it with my two fingers....we are counting down to his 1st b-day (Oct. 13th) and I'd really like him to be able to actually eat some cake, but it is not looking good!

5. Jadyn is still in her own world most of the time. I have been giving her cranberry juice because she is constanly dancing around having to go potty like every 15-30 minutes. Sometimes complaining that it hurts, so we are trying to nip it in the bud and not have to go to the dr. about it. She likes her "special juice".

6. I am on the 3rd Harry Potter book. Yes, I am hooked. I read 1 and 2 then watched the movies--books are definitely better. If you know me and know my imagination--you won't be surprised that I can only read them when Justin is home--not that is is practicle in any way, but I'm weird like that!

7. My mom only has 3 chemo treatments left! Praise God this has been a bearable adventure. My mom has been a rock --she is amazing. God is so faithful. Her levels are continuing to raise--all by themselves, she has not had to have a shot to up the levels in quite a while. Her white blood count is actually in the "normal" range which makes us think that the cancer cells are gone from bone marrow. We will find that out after all the chemo treatments are done. We are so proud of mom and her endurance and faith--not much more I can say without the tears flowing!

That is all I can think of right now---I'm sure there is more, but will have to wait til another day....I have ravenous girls waiting to eat something--don't know what yet--something with lots of protein! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Daddy's Blood

Last night Justin went to the Cowboy game and then spent the night with a buddy in the City, so that he could get 3 hours of sleep instead of 2 hours before having to be at his new job at UPS at 3:15 this morning. Whenever Justin is gone, Jed loves to sleep with me--that is our special "thing". Anyway, if you've read previous posts you know Jed is now all about football and ALL ABOUT the Dallas Cowboys, so I promised him if he took a good Sunday afternoon nap I'd let him lay in Mommy and Daddy's bed and watch the game. He did, so about the 3rd quarter, I walk in to tuck him into my bed, and notice that the sheet and blanket are at the bottom of the bed and the comforter is up covering him. I explain to him that this could very well be one of my biggest pet peeves (right up there with leaving cabinet doors open) and I showed him how to keep all the covers neat and orderly. He listens then grins and says, "Mom, does Dad mess up the covers like I did"? "

"Yes, he does and it drives me nuts!"

"Then I must have Daddy's blood!"

yeah son, you do, and I'm realizing you have a lot more than I thought you did! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall Is In The Air...

In hopes for fall being in the air, I have decided to change my background to fall colors. Maybe it will help speed up cooler temperatures!!hee hee

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jed's 1st Day of School Pics

Getting loaded up--he has a special place for his lunchbox, and I did not put it in the right place!
Monkey Bread

Outside his classroom door Locker inside the room

His desk--happens to be right next to the teacher (do you think she already knows something?!?)

Monday August 27, 2007

6:30am: "Jed, it's time to get up Buddy. Today's your big day!" says Daddy as he rubs Jed's back to awaken him out of his deep slumber.

"What, now, this early?" Jed replies moaning.

"Yes, now, it is time. From here on out--school or work--probably the rest of your life--you'll be getting up early," Daddy sweetly replies.

Jed sits up, rubs his eyes, looks toward the window that shows no signs of sunlight coming through yet and states, "I just don't understand it. It can't be time, why do we have to go this early?"

Mommy and Daddy giggle, they don't understand it either. They would rather still be in their cozy bed as well....

Thus began the first day of school. Jed's first real get up, dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast ate, and out the door day of school. This was a big day for us Edgar's as I home schooled him last year for Kindergarten (which I loved by the way--but through circumstances felt he was to go to public school this year).

We began the day with fresh Monkey Bread (because his classroom is decorated as a safari theme and his name on the classroom door happens to be on a monkey--so why would we NOT have Monkey Bread.) Then vitamins, and a family prayer--which is when my tears began to well up--my little boy.
Jed and I loaded his lunch and backpack in the van and off we went. After finally finding a parking place (as each parent of the 800+ students escorted their child in this morning) we walked in to the great school, everyone a flutter with the first day of school jitters. Many moms with cameras, Dads with video cameras, and children dressed to a tee, hair all neatly in place, new shoes squeaking down the halls, big smiles, and wide eyes ready for a new year of learning, growing, and making memories with friends yet to be made. My tummy jumped as I walked in, a fraction of my heart longs to be there-teaching, but only a small fraction as I would not trade my time at home with my kids for anything--I have plenty of time for teaching later.
Jed's class has already left the gym, so we quickly walk to his room where he puts his backpack and lunch in his own locker (so cool--lockers acually inside the classroom!) takes his water bottle (insulated, so that it does not sweat on the desk), sits down and quietly gets to work on his seat work--my heart swells with pride. I quickly snap a few photos, and go to kiss him goodbye. As I tell him 'bye, have a great day, I will miss you, can I have a kiss goodbye....' He bows his head shaking it 'no'. And there it is--my little boy just grew up a bit, too embarassed to kiss Mommy goodbye. As I walked out of the classroom, one more quick photo of the whole room, I am at peace. He is going to have a great year, with lots of new friends and a lifetime of memories of First Grade!

The girls and I made him a Pencil Cake that said Happy First Day of 1st Grade for his afternoon snack, you can tell by the pics that the icing melted fast, but he obviously loved it. He had a great day, smiled big when we asked if he made friends, then asked if he could buy chocolate milk for lunch the next day. He fell fast asleep by 8:00 and still didn't understand this morning why school starts so early....

Our Weekend!

This past weekend we were in Lubbock to celebrate our friends Whitney and Andrew's Wedding. Blakley was a flower girl and Justin preached at the Ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding and super fun reception at the Texas Tech Football Stadium. The girls danced the night away. I had to hide Blakley's dress on Monday morning as she had worn it from Friday at 3:00 to Sunday night around 10pm! It was starting to smell! She had a blast and loved being pampered at the spa~she's a true girly-girl! We enjoyed connecting with friends and just being around all the people we had spent the last 4 years living life with. It was a great weekend, and we are so thankful we were able to be a part of it!
Getting her first real manicure!The lady was very impressed with how still she sat~hey, she's a natural!
Can't move until we're all dry

Posing for pictures with Will and Lorelei The Bride and Bridesmaids
Getting all primped up!

Dancing away at the reception

Daddy, Judson, and Whitney
Blakley and Lor getting some quick ballet lessons before the wedding
Daddy and his Princess

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Would Have Thought the Edgar's Would Be Raider Fans!!!

Saturday was the first of MANY football games that the family will be going to to cheer Jed on. You can tell by this pic that he is totally in love with football. His Flag team is the Raiders, so me and Daddy bought Raider shirts (something I would have never imagined doing before) and dressed the girls up in all the black and white they had. We headed to the field and cheered our hearts out for this little 6 year old! It was just a scrimmage, but it felt like the Super Bowl. I was a bit emotional, my little baby out there on the field, I can already imagine how torn up I will be the last game of his senior year. I love this little guy, and he loves football (well today at least!) and his Daddy LOVES football, so it has been quite a bonding experience for them and an emotional experience for me, as he holds less to Mommy and tips his toes into big boy sports with his Daddy.

All decked out--he looks like a football player! Being ready at all times!
Intimidate 'em!


Look at this little stud!
Could I be more proud?!?!
Getting a play from Coach
Getting a pep talk from Daddy
Bring it on!
Let me just say this is so much more fun than 2 years of T-Ball!

The Move...part 2

The girls new beds--Thanks to Aunt DD and Uncle Chris! YEAH, no more bunk beds!!!Our new living room, waiting for some couches!
The play room, unfortunately it does not stay this neat and tidy--Oh well, the kids love playing with their toys!
Judson is a big boy in his highchair!
Hmmm, where is all this stuff going to go???
On loading day, Judson learned how to "put his guns up"! GO TECH!
Our first night in Wylie, Jadyn found a spot and fell asleep
Judson helping Daddy unpack or something

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Move...

What would a girl do without girlfriends??? The biggest Uhaul made!
Jed's ready to load 'em up!
And there goes the swingset, the section of fence that had to come off and the Uhaul that had to go down the alley! Just shows how much my man loves me and how valuable our friendships are! Thanks guys!

The party before the loading--taking the set apart proved very easy, and the kids all had a ball!

Holtzman manned the grill, while the wives packed the girls bedroom and the rest of the guys took the swingset apart.

Well, we have been here almost 4 weeks and we are starting to feel almost settled! We have loved every second--our new church family, the people, the town, and our house. Oh yeah, and Justin thinks he aced his Greek midterm which happened to be this past Friday--also his 36th birthday! What a birthday present, huh?!? Each night Justin and I sit in our living room and are repeatedly blown away how God has continued to bless our family. He has provided in ways we didn't even think we needed provision over, He has brought incredible people into our lives through Providence Community Church, super nice neighbors, several kids the same ages as ours, and a Community that we feel we can settle in and be a part of and already have a heart for reaching. We are starting to see several opportunities to reach out -- the families on Jed's football team, our neighbors, Blakley's soccer team, and our Community Group at Church. We are really excited about this, and are praying boldly that God will use us--where we are at any given moment, for the Gospel.

Here are pics of the big move--sorry they are out of order, but incredible that I actually got some posted! :) Thanks to all our wonderful friends in Lubbock who took a few days to help us pack, take down the swing set, load the truck, clean the house...and just bless us with their friendship--we already miss them, but thankfully will see them all next weekend at Whitney and Andrew's wedding! You will see that we rented the biggest Uhaul possible, however, you do not see that Justin had to RUSH back to Uhaul 5 minutes before they closed to get the biggest trailor to pull behind the biggest Uhaul, and we still ended up giving our neighbors a TON of stuff--mostly backyard toys. Who would have thought that 1382 square foot, one bathroom, one car garage house would hold so much crap---I mean stuff! When we got to our new house we had a crew of men already here, the A/C turned up, pizza's ordered and ready to unload~ it took them about an hour to unload. If you ask me they got the better end of the deal, since it took 5-6 hours to load it!

We are pretty much settled, Thank goodness for attics! We have a TON of stuff stored up there--JUST in case I ever go back to teaching. Justin has the garage pretty organized and the van is parked in there--nice and cool, it has been so GREAT to park in the garage!!! Any given moment a different part of the house is my favorite--closet space, garage, kitchen, playroom, but probably the most wonderful is 2 toilettes!!! It has been so nice and peaceful doing "business" without kids yelling they have to go potty!

Enjoy the pics--they are all pretty self explanatory!