Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mom's Good Ol' Home Cooking

My two boys have come down with a dreadful case of strep throat. Both got sick Sunday morning. I knew immediately that Jed had strep because he always gets that "smell", and he had that "smell" stronger than ever by Sunday night. Well, sure enough, tests were positive--it seems like everyone in our town has something, as I dropped off prescriptions at 11:00am and did not get them until 6:00pm. Well, this evening Jed finally decided he could eat something other than a chocolate milk shake, he asked for mac n cheese, I happily obliged. But he thought it was too cheesy. So, then I make the girls their dinner, Jed asks for some of it, so I make him a small bowl. He scarfs it down. A little later he comes into the office, climbs his long, lanky body onto my lap and says, "Mom, can I have some more? I love your cooking." pause..."I think you should have show on the cooking channel, your cooking is so good."
"Thanks Jed, Mommy puts a lot of love into the meals I make you. I'm glad you liked it."
"yeah mom, I love your cooking."
This warms my heart. I would really love to be a great cook, I love the cooking channel! However, my children really only love my cooking when it is premade, in a can. For tonight their dinner was Spaghetti O's and Meatballs. Thanks to Chef Boyardee, my kids think I am a gourmet chef~and I wouldn't have it any other way! ;)

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Mom22Boyz said...

I was waiting impatiently to see what in the world you cooked! Glad you haven't become gourmet without me!!
I hope everyone is feeling better!