Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sometimes kids are just too funny. Jed has become so funny lately. First, Justin and I thought it was nerdy homeschool boy...but he really is funny.

Tonight we took a movie back that we had rented for the girls, then on to Braum's for the kids to use their "free ice cream" coupons for memorizing their verses in Sunday School. The following are bits and pieces of the car ride:

1. Jed talking on the phone to Papa..."What? Papa I can't hear you..." "mom, something is wrong, I can't hear pa...oh, maybe it's because I have the phone upside down" (he was not even trying to be funny which makes it more funny to me)

2. On our way home from Braum's had top 40 songs on from 2006. Number 1 song comes on...Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. Judson starts dancing and me and Justin start singing (even though I really don't know the words) Jed goes, "Hey, I LIKE this song!"..."I wish I could snap"
at the end of the song JT says "are you ready" Jed enthusiastically replies, "YEAH, I'm ready!"

He said a lot more funny things today--on our way to church, but I can't remember them now, I guess I was still thinking about those 10 pounds and how I couldn't breathe in my pants!

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The Joys of having Boys said...

That is so funny, J#1 is like that too. I would have loved to seen ya'll singing "Sexy Back". LOL!!