Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Would Have Thought the Edgar's Would Be Raider Fans!!!

Saturday was the first of MANY football games that the family will be going to to cheer Jed on. You can tell by this pic that he is totally in love with football. His Flag team is the Raiders, so me and Daddy bought Raider shirts (something I would have never imagined doing before) and dressed the girls up in all the black and white they had. We headed to the field and cheered our hearts out for this little 6 year old! It was just a scrimmage, but it felt like the Super Bowl. I was a bit emotional, my little baby out there on the field, I can already imagine how torn up I will be the last game of his senior year. I love this little guy, and he loves football (well today at least!) and his Daddy LOVES football, so it has been quite a bonding experience for them and an emotional experience for me, as he holds less to Mommy and tips his toes into big boy sports with his Daddy.

All decked out--he looks like a football player! Being ready at all times!
Intimidate 'em!


Look at this little stud!
Could I be more proud?!?!
Getting a play from Coach
Getting a pep talk from Daddy
Bring it on!
Let me just say this is so much more fun than 2 years of T-Ball!

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