Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is Being "Deceptive" Sinful, Even When It's Delicious?

Hey there all, I know it's been a couple of weeks, and I have a ton to update everyone on, like Judson's first b-day; figuring out how to get my husband to do all my "honey-do's"--just give him a big test the next day and he will do pretty much anything I want him too to keep from studying. EXCEPT put up a swing set in 40 degrees pouring rain and 30 mph winds. But everything else that has been lingering since moving here is pretty much done--except a few boxes in a closet I need to go through. My sister will be very happy to know that a certain picture is now hung across from the coat closet and it looks good! Both cars are now in the garage--that was one I wasn't even counting on! Bikes are hung on hooks and off season clothes are tucked away in the attic--yesterday was quite productive for my hubs! Late last night and all morning has been spent crashing for his test--luckily J thrives on deadlines and getting things done at the last minute--I think it keeps him sharp!

Back to what I want to talk about--being deceptive but delicious! I am a Fair Weather Oprah fan--particularly when Dr. Oz is on-I am there, any other time--not so much. Anyway, Dr. Oz and Jessica Seinfeld were on a few weeks ago promoting her new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious". Basically, she was tired of hounding her kids to eat their veggies--ME TOO! So, she created these recipes that have pureed vegetables in them and no one is the wiser--I had to get my hands on this book! Walmart was sold out so, off to Target I went and grabbed the last one. The next Sunday I had my list in tow and off to the grocery store I went. I was buying veggies I didn't even know what they looked like! Luckily they were labeled! After the kids were tucked away in bed and snoring sweetly, I got to work--steaming, roasting then pureeing. Labeling 1/2 cup portions in zip locks, freezing a lot for later use and refrigerating those I would use that first week. Monday came the test--grilled cheese with butternut squash--guess what? They ate it right up! Brownies have been the biggest hit--with spinach and carrots! Two weeks into it and I am hooked! My family has eaten more veggies these two weeks than they've eaten in their lives! The recipes are good--brownies, blueberry lemon muffins, spaghetti pie, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, burgers, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes--all food that my kids love--but so much healthier. I'll tell you what, after making my own nuggets out of chicken breasts, I will be hard pressed to put another frozen nugget on their plates--talk about eye opening! (I know that is probably a no brainer--but still!)

So now, the wives in our Community Group at church are coming over on Sunday night and we are having a Pureeing Party--us mom's are on a mission to get our kids (and husbands!) to eat their veggies!

I highly recommend this cookbook, it also gives charts on what each vegetable is good for--what it does for your body and how much of each a child needs at their age. Very informative!

Ok, my girls have been running around in their undies for an hour --waiting to go through the "winter clothes" bucket from last year to see what still fits--if anything!

Happy Veggie Eating!

Oh yeah, and I have volunteered to host the Thanksgiving Feast for our playgroup at Church--therefore Justin has until November 17th to get the swing set up and running--because 31 kiddos just aint gonna do inside the house!!! (Hopefully, finals will begin about then :) )

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