Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday August 27, 2007

6:30am: "Jed, it's time to get up Buddy. Today's your big day!" says Daddy as he rubs Jed's back to awaken him out of his deep slumber.

"What, now, this early?" Jed replies moaning.

"Yes, now, it is time. From here on out--school or work--probably the rest of your life--you'll be getting up early," Daddy sweetly replies.

Jed sits up, rubs his eyes, looks toward the window that shows no signs of sunlight coming through yet and states, "I just don't understand it. It can't be time, why do we have to go this early?"

Mommy and Daddy giggle, they don't understand it either. They would rather still be in their cozy bed as well....

Thus began the first day of school. Jed's first real get up, dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast ate, and out the door day of school. This was a big day for us Edgar's as I home schooled him last year for Kindergarten (which I loved by the way--but through circumstances felt he was to go to public school this year).

We began the day with fresh Monkey Bread (because his classroom is decorated as a safari theme and his name on the classroom door happens to be on a monkey--so why would we NOT have Monkey Bread.) Then vitamins, and a family prayer--which is when my tears began to well up--my little boy.
Jed and I loaded his lunch and backpack in the van and off we went. After finally finding a parking place (as each parent of the 800+ students escorted their child in this morning) we walked in to the great school, everyone a flutter with the first day of school jitters. Many moms with cameras, Dads with video cameras, and children dressed to a tee, hair all neatly in place, new shoes squeaking down the halls, big smiles, and wide eyes ready for a new year of learning, growing, and making memories with friends yet to be made. My tummy jumped as I walked in, a fraction of my heart longs to be there-teaching, but only a small fraction as I would not trade my time at home with my kids for anything--I have plenty of time for teaching later.
Jed's class has already left the gym, so we quickly walk to his room where he puts his backpack and lunch in his own locker (so cool--lockers acually inside the classroom!) takes his water bottle (insulated, so that it does not sweat on the desk), sits down and quietly gets to work on his seat work--my heart swells with pride. I quickly snap a few photos, and go to kiss him goodbye. As I tell him 'bye, have a great day, I will miss you, can I have a kiss goodbye....' He bows his head shaking it 'no'. And there it is--my little boy just grew up a bit, too embarassed to kiss Mommy goodbye. As I walked out of the classroom, one more quick photo of the whole room, I am at peace. He is going to have a great year, with lots of new friends and a lifetime of memories of First Grade!

The girls and I made him a Pencil Cake that said Happy First Day of 1st Grade for his afternoon snack, you can tell by the pics that the icing melted fast, but he obviously loved it. He had a great day, smiled big when we asked if he made friends, then asked if he could buy chocolate milk for lunch the next day. He fell fast asleep by 8:00 and still didn't understand this morning why school starts so early....

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