Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ok, so this isn't going to be about a "MySpace" account, but it is about My Personal Space. I am typically not a touchy, feely person so I guess you could say I like my personal space. Today, at Turbo Kick Class we had a few new women there. (disclaimer: this is great, I want new people to commit to exercising and getting healthier) Unfortunately, these 2 women-one right in front of me and one to the right of me, had no clue how to follow directions. You really ARE supposed to follow the instructions of the teacher. If she tells you to move up with your front kicks, then guess what--MOVE UP! I was constantly right on these womens rears. It started to drive me nuts....What then got me really frusterated is that one had no idea that she was not doing it. She did not even look like she was trying to do the moves--she literally danced around in her own little world. Now I'm all for dancing around and being in the "groove", but don't come to a choreographed class to do this--it will just get you lots of dirty looks and people like me running over you because I am so focused on the teacher, I am not paying attention to those around me. My hour at the gym is MY time to decompress and focus on me--not what is going on around me, I do that the other 17 hours of my day! I really do hope these women continue their workouts, hopefully they will start to understand that it is a class, not a dance session.
If you read this, thanks for letting me vent, if you can't tell I'm a bit "pms-y", but now I feel better and tomorrow at Turbo Kick, I will look around before I pick where I am going to stand (which is a bummer, because I have "my space" on the floor, and would hate to give that up!)
Happy Exercising Everyone!

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WOW! You go girl!!