Monday, September 17, 2007


Here are a few random thoughts that I've been thinking about posting but haven't had enough time, so in no particular order here it goes:

1. I have been FAITHFULLY working out the last 2 weeks--3 days a week of an hour of cardio (in my zone) and 2 days a week doing weights. I'm feeling pretty strong, even uped my weights, but somehow have gained 5 pounds....yeah yeah, muscle and fat...blah blah blah, but seriously, come on. So, today it is out with those carbs (that I could live on) and in with the protein. That means no more chocolate crock pot cake! (YUMM-O!) If you want the recipe to that check out and read the comments from her crock pot purchase! (baby bangs happens to be Amanda's blog --Beth Moores daughter.)

2. My son has used the term "nuts" to talk about his male parts. RED FLAG for public school--when I asked Jed if someone at school taught him that term he looked at me wierd and said, "No mom, Colby says it all the time." Thanks cuz! Did he learn it from public school or his great big brother?!?!?!

3. Call the scouts! Blakley is a soccer natural. She is AMAZING! I am not just being a proud mom either-- I promise. She scored 5 goals on Saturday. The coach (who for the record played soccer in COLLEGE) came up to me during the game wanting to know what drills I've been practicing with her at home--I laughed because the only sport that has been playing around here lately has been football. I told coach nothing, but would be open to some suggestions, and he replied that there are no drills to teach what she is doing, it is all natural--I then (being as Daddy was out of town) told him that she gets her athletic ability from me! She was stealing the ball from the opposite team and dribbling it ALL THE WAY down the field and scoring--it was awesome! She also had time (while on the field) to come to the sidelines and tell me that she and another player had made plans to go to the movies on Sunday after church--that's my girl!

4. Judson is into EVERYTHING! He is very curious since he figured out how to crawl. However, he cannot for the life of him figure out how to chew. He gags on the smallest of anything. Last night I fed him some of my mashed potatoes (see told ya I love carbs) and he started "choking" on a TINY piece of potato, that when finally came up I easily smooshed it with my two fingers....we are counting down to his 1st b-day (Oct. 13th) and I'd really like him to be able to actually eat some cake, but it is not looking good!

5. Jadyn is still in her own world most of the time. I have been giving her cranberry juice because she is constanly dancing around having to go potty like every 15-30 minutes. Sometimes complaining that it hurts, so we are trying to nip it in the bud and not have to go to the dr. about it. She likes her "special juice".

6. I am on the 3rd Harry Potter book. Yes, I am hooked. I read 1 and 2 then watched the movies--books are definitely better. If you know me and know my imagination--you won't be surprised that I can only read them when Justin is home--not that is is practicle in any way, but I'm weird like that!

7. My mom only has 3 chemo treatments left! Praise God this has been a bearable adventure. My mom has been a rock --she is amazing. God is so faithful. Her levels are continuing to raise--all by themselves, she has not had to have a shot to up the levels in quite a while. Her white blood count is actually in the "normal" range which makes us think that the cancer cells are gone from bone marrow. We will find that out after all the chemo treatments are done. We are so proud of mom and her endurance and faith--not much more I can say without the tears flowing!

That is all I can think of right now---I'm sure there is more, but will have to wait til another day....I have ravenous girls waiting to eat something--don't know what yet--something with lots of protein! :)

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Mom22Boyz said...

Sorry! I told Colby Nun was mad at him for teaching Jed the word "nuts" and he said in a small voice, "How about balls?"!
One day we will laugh and wish that was all we had to worry about!