Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shall We Lay Hands On It?

When I was in high school our school purchased a brand new bus with our walk-a-thon money. This was a big deal, I went to a small private school--which I loved and am very thankful for all the sacrifices my parents made in order for me and Davedda to be able to go--Go Hope Huskies!--it was quite a fancy bus. Being as I played volleyball, basketball, and softball, I personally spent a lot of time on the school bus--many late nights driving back from small Indian Reservations where those girls would run us into the ground. Anyway, not long after we got this brand spanking new bus it was torched! We all arrived at school one day to find the shell of this bus a crispy, charcoal mess. We were all outraged--how could this happen.....Long story, but the school was later able to get another bus, but this time the whole school went outside during chapel and laid hands on the bus (we had a charismatic principal!) To my knowledge, that bus is still taking the Huskies to far away games.
Fast Forward 12-14 years....I was reminded of this today as I was driving home from Walmart. Our mini-van has begun to have some issues. A little over a week ago, the alarm started going off in the garage--mind you I was just getting out of it and it kinda startled me! Later that night we were at football practice and I was getting the stoller out of the back and again the alarm started going off--randomly, it went off throughout the hour and a half practice. I tried everything--resetting the locks, alarm, locking it with the key only..this van had sprouted a mind of its own. I knew Justin wouldn't believe me, he thinks I imagine the cooky stuff that happens around here (a lot of kooky stuff happens with us) but it began doing it with him as well that weekend. Then the rear air decided that it should be on full blast all the time no matter what number I have it set at. The poor girls are either blown away with hot air or cold air. Friday I got a great spot at the gym-right in front of the door. As I was getting my towel and water, still sitting in the front seat, the alarm and hazard lights started going off. EMBARASSING, so what do I do? I give up my perfect spot and go park far, far away and hike us into the gym. Same thing at the doctors office Friday afternoon (Judson is sick--possibly the flu, but it was too early to tell the dr. said) as the alarm was ringing and the lights were flashing Jed says to another mom in the waiting room--"yup, that's our van". Again, EMBARRASSING! I've had 2 appointments to take it in, however, with Justin's new job and school, I am dragging my feet because I don't want to be at the dealership all day with 3 kiddos and they won't give me a as I was driving home from Walmart, I remembered the school bus we laid hands on and thought........worth a try! I doubt my husband will go for it though!
So, if you hear an alarm going off--it's probably just me!

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Mom22Boyz said...

Love your family picture! I don't remember the bus being burned -- I must have been in College; but, with my mind have no recollection of that! Hope Judson is better...I will pray for him AND the minivan!