Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is my friend Kristen's birthday. Happy Birthday! It is not very often that you find a friend that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt will stand beside you no matter what. Kristen is that kind of friend. We met 4 1/2 years ago when we both moved to Lubbock. Her husband was the new youth director and my husband was the new college director at the church. She doesn't know this, but at first I was a bit intimidated by her. I was in need of new friends and a new start, had a 2 year old, a 5 month old and just found out we were expecting Jadyn, I was excited to move to Lubbock and make all these great new friends. Then I hear about Kristen. She had grown up in that same church, her parents were very active there and to top it all off, she supposedly had this amazing voice that Nancy Foster claimed gave you goosebumps whenever she would sing a special. Oh yeah, and she is beautiful! Instead of being excited about the possibility that we could be friends, I was jealous. Here I was the new staff wife, I was supposed to get the attention and they had to hire a youth guy whose wife was already "Miss Popular". Well, it did not take long at all for me to get over the jealousy and see Kristen for who she is. She is amazing. She is giving, kind, generous, funny, and all those other nice things people say about you. Serving in "ministry" together we were able to spend a lot of time together. I know I am a better wife because of her example. She is incredibly forgiving, she has been an example of Christ that floors me.

Kristen and I spent a weekend in Austin a few years ago. I don't think I have ever talked so much in my life, or grown so much in a 3 short days. I hope we will have more of those girl weekends.

One Christmas, our husbands were on a ski trip and we had a staff wives Christmas dinner. It started to snow--and the roads were really icy. I do not drive in snow--I'm a coward. So, I made her drive in a snowstorm 8 1/2 months pregnant and she is still my friend.

Kristen loves my family--not too many people can be friends with your whole family! She (and Josh) love our kids, care for our kids, and we love theirs. We have been priviledged to live in community with them the past 4 years. Now that we are in DFW area, we miss that community. Now we have to be intentional to spend time together. But that is ok.

Kristen is a hard worker--she sells Mary Kay, takes care of her Dad's business, and is a up and coming realtor. Yes, she was our realtor, and she had lots of patience when I would freak out over things. She was kind and bit her tongue when she probably wanted to tell me off about my dirty carpet, chipped base boards, or grass that desperately needed a good mow. (Oh yeah, and they are still friends with us after Justin broke her Dad's riding lawn mower!) She is a wife and a great mother.

She is one of my biggest supporters. She always encourages my crazy new ideas! She has stood by me during juice fasts, protein diets, working out and even joined Weight Watchers with me.

Most importantly, she challenges me and my walk with God, she prays for me, and she is not afraid to ask me the hard questions that I could easily do without. I love that we can cry with each other and for each other. I know my husband is thankful for her--he knows the value of friendship. I am thankful that he has that with Josh, her husband. They are not afraid to speak truth to us.

Kristen, I hope you have a great day today! I will miss taking you to lunch with the girls! Hope it is a fun and relaxing day!

Thank you for being my friend! I love you!


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