Friday, November 09, 2007

The Next Adonirom Judson

These pictures say it all.

Daddy wanted to name him Adonirom Judson after the missionary. I couldn't bring myself to calling my son "Adonirom". Afterall, he wanted to name Jed (Jedidiah) that 6 years ago, and I was completely against it then because A.)I couldn't even pronounce it and 2.) who names their kid Adonirom??? So, when we found out #4 was a boy, he again started in on the name Adonirom. (I don't even know if I am spelling that correctly.) He reread his biography and had me read it as well, and I have to admit I was tempted after reading about his life and the impact he had on so many by taking the Gospel across the world. But still, in the year 2007--Adonirom....? So, we settled on Judson and his middle name would be Alexander after my Grandpa whose life was an example of Christ as well.

This morning after I checked my email in Justin's office (which is FULL of all his seminary books and 10 years of books from being in ministry) I turned around and found my little Judson Alexander doing a little light reading from "The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology". I think we named him correctly! :)

Happy Friday ya'll! Hope you will be able to do a little light reading of your own soon!

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