Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shooshi and Nachos

Great news~Judson slept ALL NIGHT! He has been hit and miss with this for a few months now, however, as soon as we start to see a pattern, we do something crazy like go out of town. Easter--out of town, and sure enough--up at 2am every morning. Now, in 2 days we are leaving town again--so I am kind of distraught about leaving. However, I didn't mention that ALL 4 kiddos are going to my in-laws for 4 DAYS!!! Which kinda makes me think, oh well, I will get to sleep all night for 4 DAYS regardless if Judson does or not, and my wonderful mother-in-law will get to experience 2am feedings again!

Unfortunately, I did not get to sleep all night even though Judson did. You see, I think God didn't think I needed a full night's sleep last night. Blakley woke up at 4:30 puking. Got her all situated then Jadyn woke up because the closet light had been turned off, after I layed down with her for awhile, Blakley was up again--this time both ends. A great start to my day. Too bad someone always has to get sick on School Day. Blakley got to hang with Mommy today. After I explained to her that I wasn't sure she was really sick or if the Sushi Daddy had given her last night was what made her tummy not feel good, she was convinced it was the SHOOSHI that made her sick.

Blakley has a wonderful vocabulary for being only 4 years old. Occasionally, she says things like, "Mommy, can I wear my Nachos today?" I desperately tried to figure out what outfit she has that looks like nachos, smells like nachos, has had nachos spilled on it....after MANY questions, I realize it is her favorite pair of pants --gauchos!

So, Blakley here's to you and your Shooshi and your Nachos! I hope you feel better, baby and sleep ALL NIGHT tonight!!!

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