Friday, April 20, 2007

Tunnel Rat does it....

My son goes through phases about as often as our family of 6 goes through toilette paper. I think it started with Buzz Lightyear when he was 2 years old. EVERYTHING was Buzz. He dressed like Buzz, talked like Buzz....then on to Spiderman, next was Batman, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Hans Solo (don't even know if that's how you spell it), Darth Vader, Spider Man again, Batman again, Jack Sparrow, Ninja Turtles (thanks a lot McDonald's!) and now G.I. Joe. Today, he is Tunnel Rat--whoever that is. I find myself no longer worrying if who he is pretending to be is a good guy or a bad guy, because I know tomorrow it will be on to a new character. There was a time that I stressed over Jed wanting to be a bad guy, or even worse wanting a figurine that was one of the bad guys. I particularly remember a conversation with Justin about this. I was very distraught over Jed's begging for a Green Goblin Figure at Target. He assured me that it was fine for Jed to have the bad guys, because he had to have someone to fight and be a superhero for. (oh, the joys of boyhood) I realized that, even though I didn't like it, he DID need someone to conquer.

This afternoon, as I was feeding Judson, Jed came running in from the backyard with sweat dripping EVERYWHERE. He had that lovely sweaty boy smell, that could make you nautious if you got too close. He was in shorts and a t-shirt, but also adorned a camoflauge ski mask and spy glasses. Mind you, it is over 80 degrees here in Lubbock today. As I stared at him for the split second he ran through the living room, I yelled out something to the effect of --"JEEEDDD". His response, "Mom, Tunnel Rat does it!" (whoever THAT is!)

Never a dull moment at the Edgar House!!!

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