Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sign Language

Well, I mentioned it last week and sure enough this week wasn't any different--just a different kid. Monday morning Jed woke up not feeling well. We had just got back in town--the kids spent the weekend at my in-laws and I figured that he was just totally worn out from playing outside for 4 days with his cousins. By noon his fever was high and he was obviously really sick. Of course, the doctor was closed for lunch so at 1:15 I got a hold of the nurse who I was hoping would just send a prescription in for me (as I thought he had a sinus infection), luckily, she thought Dr. Gray needed to see him, so I texted Justin (who was in staff meeting) and he snuck out during prayer in order that I would not have to wake 2 of the other 3 from their naps to haul them all in to the dr. office. At this time, Jed was moaning and very convincingly telling me that he could in no way walk and would need to be carried. (this put no doubt in my mind that he IS his father's son--I felt like I was taking care of Justin when he is sick--praise God Justin is rarely sick because it literally WEARS me out!) I get Jed to the Dr. and he is broken out in goosebumps and is hovering at a 102.9 degree fever. The nurse immediately gives him motrin and has him lie down to bring the fever down. We finally see the Doctor, go down stairs to get the throat culture--which I already knew was going to be positive because Jed gets a very distinct smell when he has strep and I smelled it carrying him (all 50 pounds I found out when he was weighed) through the parking garage,up the elevator to cross the skybridge, in the elevator back to the 2nd floor, and down the hall to Dr. Gray's office. So, we have the prescription sent to Walgreens, get back to the van and head to Sonic (a tradition after a visit to the doctor). Later that night, Jed's ear starts causing significant pain. I call my best friend at 10:30 pm (who else would you call at 10:30 at night?) and she leaves ear drops in her mail box, being as her daughter just had an ear infection. So, I send my wonderful husband--who snuck out of his staff meeting early, to Kristen's house at 11:15 at night (we had a couple over that we are conducting premarital counseling with) to retrieve the ear drops so that Jed would not be screaming all night. As I was holding Jed on the couch with him every few minutes grabbing his ear and moaning, he looked up at me and in his most calm voice and matter of factly he says, "Mom, I guess I am going to have to learn sign language." After a little giggle that he would think of such a thing, my heart broke. He was so calm and in his little mind he thought that he was never going to be able to hear again and he was ok with that. That's my boy~such a tender heart, so brave and strong. It is days like this that I am proud to be a mom. To comfort, love, and hold--when all they want is to be held (or carried) by their Mommy--life is good, God is good, I am blessed.

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