Saturday, May 12, 2007

6 Years And A Whole Lotta Life Later

Today Jed is 6 years old. I know that 6 really isn't that old in the grand scheme of things, but when Justin teasingly said that 1/3 of his life living at home is gone, I couldn't help but get sad. 6 years has flown by. Since Jed's birth we have lived in 3 states, 5 houses/apartments, 4 jobs and have had 3 more children. That's a whole lotta life right there! What is sad is that it feels like we have slowed down a lot, but the fact is, life is just now starting to "happen"! We are gearing up for another move (thankfully in the same state), new jobs and back to school for Justin--sometimes I feel we are moving backwards instead of forwards.

Back to Jed: this week he got his first loose tooth, and I cried. He has been anxiously waiting for this huge milestone in his life to happen (all his friends have started loosing teeth--hence the anxiety) When I asked them what they thought the Toothfairy does with all the teeth, Jed thought she builds her castle with them, Jadyn thinks she keeps them all in a buried treasure. Then I asked how much money they thought she leaves, Jed was absolutely certain she leaves $1,000.00. However, Jadyn thinks she only leaves 5 pennies. I tried to convince them that a dollar would be a great amount--Jed was stuck on that thousand though! (oh, will he be surprised!) He has grown up into a boy. His long, lean frame shows no more signs of chubby, cuddly baby fat. His facial features are distinct, and his sense of humor is sadly maturing. He now loves to stay up late and watch "that funny show" with Daddy. (thankfully, he doesn't get why everyone laughs, but just enjoys laughing when everyone else laughs--I remember doing the same thing watching Johnny Carson in my parents room when I was his age) He is now at the age that he will make memories--he will remember where we lived, certain friends, places we go....This makes me want to make thoses memories happy ones for him--as they will be a part of who he grows up to be. How I need to remember that his experiences and the words I choose to use, or more important the tone I chooseto use, will all be a part of how he is molded into the man he will be. By the grace of God, I pray for my oldest son: that he will be a man of Godly character, a man of integrity, a heart to love even the unlovely, to give above and beyond what is expected because he desires to bless those around him, a man who values what God values who has a passion for the lost, one who has an incredible relationship with his family, his brother and sisters, who will honor and love his wife above all other earthly things; and will have a heart to love and have a relationship like no other with his children.

Happy Birthday Jedidiah! I love you!

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