Monday, May 07, 2007

Obedience Brings Blessing, Disobedience Brings Consequence

This little saying was spoken by Travis Cottrell at the Beth Moore conference I attended last weekend. He talked about how his wife reminded their 3 little ones this on a recent trip to Walmart. I liked the saying, so I stole it! I have been repeating it to the kids off and on this past week, and today was able to put it into full practice. I had been trying to explain what the saying meant by telling them about different ways blessings and consequences happen. I didn't think they quite understood, but today, I am convinced that they understand and hope that their memory will serve them correctly in the future.

After Jed's speech session this morning, I decided we could run to Walmart and pick up just a few things we needed (mainly potting soil for the flowers I purchased on Saturday, but ran out of soil...and milk). Jed convinced me that we should drive the extra few miles to the new Walmart because it was so much nicer and cleaner, and of course because the friendly Spiderman is at our neighborhood Walmart. (the boy watches too much tv!) So, I am happy to oblige, because yes, it is in fact way nicer then the old one. I remind them all that with obedience comes blessing--which today just might be a donut, but with disobedience comes consequence = no donut. 1/2 mile into the trip Jadyn starts interrupting my conversation I am having with Jed. This brings a great opportunity to talk about obedience--doing what I ask her to do by not interrupting. This is followed by a melt down. Blakley then decides to start "bugging" her brother in the back seat, which leads to brother being irritated and frustrated, which leads to pushing, threatening, pinching, and whisper yelling (you know the yelling you do so that mom and dad don't hear you.) As we pull into the PERFECT parking space I inform them that their disobedience in the car has led them to consequence and no one will be getting a donut. I instruct them that they need to all stop crying because the consequence is a direct action of their disobedience in the van. As we get out of the van, standing outside in the parking lot I turned and looked at my beautiful blessings all still crying at the top of their lungs so, we climb back in the van, buckle up, and head home. So much for my perfect parking space. No potting soil for my flowers, no milk and no friendly Spiderman at our neighborhood Walmart. Instead, we had a lesson in obedience and disobedience, sometimes you just gotta teach the lesson instead of what my flesh wanted to do. My flesh wanted to grab my kids by the arm, "whisper-yell" threats into their ear that they better be quiet and obey in the store or they will "get it" when they get home. The silence all the way home, the apologies each of the kids made to me (on their own--no prompting) and the attitude they have had since being home shows me that lessons learned are possibly inconvenient and take time, but isn't a lesson learned better than a threat made out of frustration and anger?

So, guess what I get to do tonight after Justin gets home, dinner is made, eaten and cleaned up, baths are given, Bible stories are read and nightlights are all on--Yes, I think I have a date with our friendly Spiderman at our neighborhood Walmart!

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