Friday, April 28, 2006

We Made It!

Well, tomorrow my single parent adventure ends (Lord willing). I will be extremely thankful that I will have my husband home--if I can get over the bitterness that is eating inside me of his having a sort of 10 day vacation, so to speak, from everyday life. I have been quite cranky with him the last few days. I am worn out emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have a nagging headache that has been hovering over me the last 4 days, I am tired of everyone screaming, pushing, nagging, and whining over the littlest of things. Blakley woke the whole family up at 5:40 this morning by yelling from her top bunk that she had something she wanted to tell me. So, I took all three kids, sat them on the couch, covered them with a blanket, turned on Playhouse Disney, and told them not to ask for milk or breakfast until I woke up again. This lasted well for 45 minutes then they were all up chasing each other and yelling. So, we had an early start.

Tonight was Parents Night Out at church--what a blessing! I had 4 hours of quiet solitude! The kids had a blast eating pizza, making crafts and watching a movie. We were all in great spirits when we all got home. I spent some money we probably can't afford at Kohl's in the maternity section, we'll see if I will keep them.

Tomorrow is Jed's last Soccer Game. I am kind of sad, it has been a fun experience--much better than T-ball, which we start again in 3 weeks.

Jed turns 5 in two weeks, I can't think about it too much because I get sad. It has gone so fast, just like everyone said it would----he is so excited about his GI Joe party we are planning, hope it turns out fun!

Jadyn was playing in the kitchen today while I was doing laundry, and she dropped something and yelled at the top of her lungs, "OH, PISS!" trying not to laugh, I asked her where she learned that word (I hate that word, I prefer OH, CRAP!) She smiled and said, "Grandma Kathy." Thanks Grandma for teaching her that word during your visit last week!

I think I have figured out a way to not go to Sonic twice a day. If you do not know, I go to Sonic twice a day for a Route 44 ice water with extra ice and a lemon. I drink so much more water this way and go many days without a diet coke! Well, my children are absolutely sick of going there multiple times a day, so today I picked up several lemons at Market Street, bought gallons of water (Lubbock water is nasty!) and proceeded to Sonic where I bought a bag of Sonic Ice! It cost me a little over a dollar for a big bag of their ice, which is what I love about Sonic---let's see if this works. I know they will miss seeing my blue Explorer pulling up everyday to spend 38 cents for my daily fix, but my kiddos should be much happier!!!

That's all my random thoughts for right now, have a great weekend!

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