Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 5 and Counting

Well, it is day 5 of being a single parent and it is beggining to look up. It seems that my usual 24-48 hours of adjustment took 4 days this time. Today was actually good and I found myself enjoying the kids instead of counting down to bed time. Sad I know. My weekend was a bit stressful. Saturday I found out that my cell phone had stopped working. We do not have a land line phone as that is something we chose to cut out when we began our "strict" budget. It would not have been a big deal except that the thought occurred to me that if I had an emergency, I would have no way of getting a hold of anyone. This freaked me out--if you know our history of drama when Justin is out of town (including ER visits, strep throat, my Grandpa passing away, etc.)--you would be freaked out a bit as well. I emailed my mom and gave her a heads up in case she needed to get a hold of me it would have to be through email. I really thought she would be a bit more concerned than she was--her response was that she thought it was comical and didn't seem concerned at all. All the while, on Saturday the kids were at each other constantly..... Sunday brought some solace as I sat in church enjoying my "quiet" time in worship, Sunday School brought adult conversation that I had been lacking with Justin gone and no phone to talk to anyone.

Our Small Group Sunday night was exactly what I needed--time with friends, encouragement, and discussion on how God is and needs to be the Head of the House--not my spouse. Even though I know this and proclaim it, it is good to visit it again because I find myself, all too often, totally relying on Justin to fulfill my needs. I don't mean to do this nor do I want to put him in that position, it is my human nature to rely on Justin for our security and provision. I really notice that I do it when he is out of town. My prayer life triples when Justin is gone. I am continually praying for patience, guidance and protection. However, when he is home, I do not worry about our protection, I assume that Justin will protect us, when in actuality only God can do this. I want to remember this....I want my prayer life to continue to be tripled no matter where my husband may be in the world. I want to totally rely on God, for He is our security and provision--not my husband.

Ok off my soap box. Today we had Children's Day Out. A good time for the kids to be with their friends. Our wonderful Max (one of our college students) came over this evening for a couple of hours and gave me a break--I was able to go to Sprint and get a new phone, run to Home Depot and buy flowers, and eat a quiet dinner of Chic-Fil-A in my car before coming home to my babies. It is amazing what a couple of hours break can do for you. I feel refreshed and peaceful. We had fun running through the sprinklers when I got home, a fun bath time (which is amazing for me--I hate to give baths!) and read books, prayers and blessings---a good end to the day! Tomorrow, we will plant flowers, and hopefully get to go to the Science Spectrum if things hold up so well! Let's hope so! I'll let you know!!!

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Justin said...

Best post yet! Funny how for both of us we pray more when I am gone. I feel like I pray for you and the kids more than I do in the regular week, as well. I really think we need to continue developing the habit of praying together as a couple and family each morning and night. Let's hold each other accountable to this pursuit. I hope today improved and you were able to rest. I know you are tired and frustrated. Sorry if I added to it today, that was not my intention. I was just hoping to talk. I love you. You all are my joy. Yours, J