Friday, April 21, 2006

Deal or No Deal

One of our favorite TV Shows, as of late, is Deal or No Deal. Justin and I are yelling right along with the audience and telling them to take the deal or not. I have found that the 3rd offer is always a pretty safe deal--usually a good amount of money especially if you are not a gambling kind of guy. Tonight I was watching while my 2 year old, Jadyn, played with her dolls and stroller. She picked up on the guys name and kept yelling his name and then yelling NO DEAL to the tv screen. I was very entertained watching her give her Curious George a bath with a wipe and yell at the TV. Then two thoughts hit me:

1. Do I/Could I/Should I play Deal or No Deal with the kids? It could be a great reward/consequence thing if I could get all the details ironed out in my head. But, I could also use it just as a manipulation tool--which I do not want to do. I'll have to think this through some more.

Number 2. How many times to I play Deal or No Deal with God? God gives me a deal and I say NO DEAL--waiting for a bigger and better offer. I find myself daily struggling with material possessions. I am constantly looking on the internet/paper/tv for the perfect house for our ever-so-growing family, and checking out websites for a newer suburban or a mini-van. Although, when I look at what this family has and what God has blessed us with I am in ashamed of my lack of satisfaction. We have a reliable car--no car payment, we do have a great house--2 blocks from church(where Justin is the College Minister), a big backyard that the kids love, and we have been able to do ministry here. It is a place that people feel comfortable coming to and not worry about spilling or messing something up. That is awesome. When I think about what we do have--what God has offered me materially (not to even get into salvation, mercy, love, redemption...that's a whole other entry--with much more respect and reverence) I want to slam my hand on the button and scream DEAL!!!

Have a great weekend!

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Justin said...

Wow, pretty good...I love you! Keep writing! I too wonder if God is the Gospel to me or the things, the blessings, the assurance, heaven...if those are the things I want. 1 peter 3:18 says that Christ died to bring us to God, not to give us mini-vans, houses, a good golf game, security, great kids...those are great blessings because of the cross, but I wonder, if I just follow God, because of all the extras...anyway...good post, baby!