Monday, May 22, 2006

The Edgar's Summer Schedule

Today is the first day of our Summer Vacation. The past few weeks have seemed like a nonstop rollercoaster. Which in turn left our lives, our house, and our diet in total upheaval (is that even a word??). We feel that we are totally out of control with how we are managing the kids. In desperation I began to RE-read Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel. I highly recommend this book--it has practical advice on how to deal with each age group and the negative behavior. Anyway, as I came across her daily schedule from when her children were toddlers, she mentioned that sticking to a schedule allowed her to see if her kids negative behavior was from being bored, hungry, tired, or lack of attention. I copied her daily schedule, posted it on the fridge and today is our first official "Edgar Summer Schedule Day". So for, it has been great! We have definitely had a few rough starts--Blakley did not want to stay in her room for her individual play time--so she spent much of the time screaming instead of playing in the room. Jed loved it. The best part is that I feel I am totally engaged with what they are doing, but still am getting stuff done (granted I have not showered yet!) There are a few blocks of time that I set the kids up with stuff, like individual play time and the 1 hour of Sesame Street that I can actually get things done. I have yet to lose my temper and they have only watched 1 1/2 hours of tv!!!! A big bonus from what they have been watching lately. I know I have been a total slacker of a mother because most mothers have already figured this out -- and are already totally engaged with their kiddos, I am a bit late, but hope to catch up! The kids and I have had a lot of fun today!

Random thoughts:
  • Jed turned 5 last week--crazy!!! He really does look like he is a big boy now. We attended our Family Meeting for KPA, the University Model School we will be sending him to next year. It was exciting, but seemed to come to fast. He is so excited for kindergarten, and I am glad that we found this school--he goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other 3 days I will homeschool him with material his classroom teacher sends home. I am excited about the fact he will have a class, friends, parties..., but we will still be partnering with his education/molding him into the person God desires him to be. I remember when I taught, I became a "mother" to most of the students because I was the one who spent the most 'awake' time with them. The parents missed out on so much.
  • Justin and I were able to go on a date last Thursday night--thanks to Max. We had a great time, except 3 hours after dinner (Chile's cheeseburger, fries, and ranch dressing) I was on the toilet, hugging a trashcan. 9 hours and 8 times later, I called my OB and they prescribed a pill that proceeded to knock me out most of the day. This seemed to help though as I was able to keep a piece of toast and a glass of Sprite down. This episode forced Justin to stay home with the kids. He decided to clean out the play room--a HUGE job. It took him 8 hours Friday and I finished the job on Saturday. The result is: 1. a lot of toys are now gone (!), 2. A realization how spoiled our kids are and the definite need to stop buying them things, and 3. An organized area, which led to the rest of the house being picked up. It is so wonderful to come home or wake up to an organized house--it's been nice!
  • June 1st we are headed for vacation!!! We are dropping off the kids in Alb. with grandparents and heading to Scottsdale with another couple for a week of rest, relaxation, quietness, and, oh yeah, golf for the guys! This will be a great down time, we are looking forward to it!!!
  • My sister has returned from a vacation with her hubby to England. maybe if she reads this she'll give me a call sometime!!! HEE HEE--just kidding, I can call you too!
  • Hopefully Justin will teach me how to post pics on this, that would be much more interesting for people to look at!
  • June 12th we have our sonogram--21 weeks--hopefully we'll be able to tell what this little guy/gal is!

I think I better utilize my down time a bit better--clothes to fold, laundry to wash, perhaps a shower!!!

Have a great Monday!


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Rachelle said...

I found your blog through Rusty & Lesli's blog(they're old pals). Anyway I was checking out your blog and wondered if you've read Lisa Welchel's new book , "taking care of the me in mommy". I think you would like it.