Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Edgar Family Adventure--Part 2 The Drive

We left on Sunday after church after our wonderful Community Group sent us off with a goody bag each of cookies, candy, drinks, and prayer over our family. A sweet send off left us feeling very loved. The week was spent spending nights at several old friend's houses who have been scattered all over thorughout our years in ministry. Our first night was in Springfield, Missouri, at Ian and his wife, Harper's, house left us pretty spoiled! Only a fellow New Mexican can fix you real smothered red chile burritos. It was DELISH! Great conversation that night was followed by homemade pancakes the next morning and then we were to Louisville, Kentucky.

We spent the night with the Miersma Family--Nick and Jenn and their 3 kids, Elliot being only 4 weeks old. It was great to reconnect with them. I hadn't spent much time with them since Justin married them 5 years ago then they moved to Louisville where Nick is going to Seminary. After Nick's mom spoiled us rotten, packed us a picnic lunch and sent us on our way to Princeton, New Jersey.

Justin's graduation was in Philedelphia, PA which is only 20 minutes away from Princeton, which gave us the opportunity to spend some time with the Taylors--Tyson and Cammie. Tyson is at seminary at Princeton and we got to hang out with his sweet wife and their 2 awesome kids for 3 days. Jed and Kale had spent some time together last summer when he and Justin went to NY for a few weeks and they met up at a Yankee game and hung out for the day, so Jed was glad to have some guy time with Kale. Justin's graduation was on Thursday night (side note: Can I tell you how proud I was of him as he walked across the stage...thinking back on our decision to leave Lubbock for him to get his M. Div. all the while working 4 part time jobs, taking 14-19 hours a semester and being a fabulous Dad and husband--I don't know many people who could do all that!) and we then celebrated at a fancy steak restaurant. As Justin was parking the car, I went in and requested a table for 6, she asked if I had reservations, I said, "No, is that a problem? Can we still get in?" As I look around the empty restaurant. She responded very ugly, "I can but I have to put you at a booth"." I happily replied, "Great, we LOVE booths!" Tyson and Cammie had said the worst part about living in New Jersey is the people just aren't friendly--in other words--it's not Texas! And, YES, I must agree!

Friday we left in the morning to make our trek up to Nova Scotia. We wished we had started keeping count of how much money we had spent on toll roads and turnpikes--HOLY MOLY! I have a thing about toll roads, but have gotten use to the ease of it on George Bush in Dallas--I prefer it now...BUT we had to get on and get a ticket then when you get off you hand in your ticket and pay anywhere from $1-35. It was crazy, and we kept having to do it. Thankfully, I brought a ziplock of all my "change" for me some coffee along the way--well, no coffee was bought with it--only the privlege of driving on these wonderful Northeastern Roads.

We decided we would try to go ahead and cross the border on Friday night instead of waiting until Saturday morning since we didn't know how many people would be going in to Canada for Memorial Day Weekend. We stopped at a gas station in Maine to ask if that was wise, how long does it take to get over the "border" etc, and they thought we were crazy for driving all the way from Texas. Then they said how lucky we were because it was unseasonably warm right now--folks, it was 50 degrees--I was FREEZING! I laughed out loud, and said "Oh, this is not warm!" We get to the border and drive up to this window at midnight eastern standard time. A nice man with a thick accent asked us where we were headed and why we were going-we don't think he believed Justin when he said he was going to "preach"... Then he asked to see our DRIVERS LISCENSE....really? I asked, "Don't you want to see my passport? I got it especially for this trip?" "No, just your liscenses" Talk about being bummed! I know I need it to get back in to the US, but I won't even have gotten a stamp on it! He then counted the kids--two of which were asleep--and we were on our way. We made it to the first city and spent the night at a perfect replica of a motel you would find on any horror movie--luckily the kids were asleep so we threw them in a bed and crashed!

TO be continued.....


happyhome said...

Hey D! I am enjoying reading about your trip. You must be so proud of your man on his graduation. Tell him we said congrats! Hope you'll keep writing. I'm not on FB this summer, so I don't know what's going on. Miss you guys and can't wait to hear more about the Edgar adventures! Hugs!

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