Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Edgar Family Adventure Part 1--Planning and Preparation

Last Sunday, we left Texas after church to begin our six week adventure to Philadelphia and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I had been preparing for this adventure for about a month. It is amazing the details that need to go in to taking a 5-6 week trip with 6 people!

Back in February, Justin came home one day and said, "Hey, what do you think about the family going to Nova Scotia for a month this summer?" I laughed and said, "Sure, why not". If you know Justin very well, you know that we (he) is ready and willing to go anywhere. He loves to travel. If it involves going out of town, he is your also know that more than half the things we "plan" never come to fruition. So, he ended up emailing this pastor who had sent a message to Justin's seminary looking for someone to come fill the pulpit while he and his family go on a month long vacation. The "job" would include housing, a little bit of travel/food money, and the weeks free to travel the area. What a great opportunity for the family. We would never have dreamt of taking a family vacation to Canada. (side note, when J first mentioned Nova Scotia I really thought it was in Scotland...yeah, I know it's amazing I ever passed Geography!)

After the initial contact Justin made with Pastor Shearouse, he asked for some sample sermons, then we didn't hear from him. We pretty much forgot about it, figuring we weren't a good fit for their little congregation. Mid-March we get an email asking us to come. The timing all fit perfectly, as we had to be in Philly for Justin's graduation from Westminster Theological Seminary in May. So, the preparations began. Passports, pediatrician appointments, bills organized, money budgeted, who'd get the mail, who'd take Buster, how would we pack for 6 people-6 weeks, several different temperature changes all in our little van--details, details, details. I love them, Justin hates them.

The 2 weeks before we were to leave Justin had 7 papers and 4 finals to take. Needless to say, he was off the hook in the packing and preparing. Kathy let us borrow her HUGE suitcases which,trying to be organized, I had everybody packed and ready to go days in advance. Saturday night before we left, Justin decided to load the van--just to "see if everyone's suitcase would fit"....they didN'T. UGH, now I had to take everyone's suitcases back in and half everyone's clothes--this is when I got stressed. Seriously??? Everyone could only have 1/2 a suitcase of clothes? If we were in different circumstances I'd have had him march down to the Chevy dealership and get us a Suburban, but we aren't, and we couldn't. So, I had to make it work. Mind you we were going to be in hot, then cold and rainy, then hot weather again the next 6 weeks and to give everybody only half a suitcase was HARD! We managed. We might be wearing the same clothes over and over, but at least we won't be naked!