Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello Strangers!

Wow, it has been 7 months since I've written anything here...I forgot how to post a new entry! Sad, I know. Ever since I joined Facebook, my desire to blog has gone out the window, I think it is because Facebook is so FAST, I can write 1-2 sentences about what is happening at that moment and then I'm done...This blogging takes a bit of time because, you are really writing--which I like to do. So, as I've been reading new blogs this week, I've become homesick for Tales From the Shoe. So here I am. If I can remember how to change the background that will be good, although Valentines Day will be here again before we know it! :)

2 big events happened in our house this morning. First, I ran my first 5K....I know, those who know me are in shock! I did it! I say I ran, but I'm pretty sure my fastest walk could keep up with my "run". I'm not calling myself a runner yet, when I'm more comfortable with it and feel better about it, maybe then. But for right now I'm happy with this accomplishment! My goal was to do it in 35 minutes. I ran it 34:51 which happens to be my best time yet, so we are just going to keep working on that. My wonderful friend and next door neighbor, Kathy, is a runner, and when I told her I wanted to be a runner, she immediately started running with me and told me to sign up for a race, because then I'd stick to it. She found our race we ran today, encouraged me along the way and stood at the finish line with her camera. (because she finished in 24min--yeah she's awesome!) Anyway, it makes such a difference to have a friend to tell you to get out there and do it and walk along side of you while you are wondering if this could possibly be the stupidest idea you ever had--which is what was going through my mind when we started and everyone took off at what I thought was record speed! But then I found a pace and stuck with it--along the way I saw 4 snakes and 2 frogs, all dead but a few freshly dead, I think if they had been alive I would have had a better time :) I asked Kathy if she saw them and she didn't--she must have been running too fast!

Jed had his first tackle football game today. Let me tell you, when this Mama (notice my spelling Melissa!) watches her boy do something that he LIVES and BREATHES to do, my heart just about explodes. He was SO happy out there. He played GREAT, had 3 huge tackles and covered his man beautifully (most of the time). They won 13-0! His head coach was so encouraging and it was just fun to watch Jed do what he loves to do. Silly, but I was a little proud as I watched the team line up and hold hands before the game started, the clapping and chants and the going down on one knee to listen to the coach all in precise timing--it was cool...and this is only 3rd grade football! I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle high school football--I think I'll be an emotional wreck, actually I know I'll be an emotional wreck!


Justin said...

Glad your back! I am so proud of you, your run, your encouragement...I love you, keep writing! J

Kameron and Jason Fellers said...

Congratulations on your 5k! Keep it up! You have officially been bitten by the running bug.
-Jason Fellers

Pinto said...

Congrats on your 5K! I'm so excited for you. Congrats to Jed, too, on his first game. Have a great week!

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